One sad Hufflepuff

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that some of my most treasured handknits have expired. Yes, I know there are greater losses. But these knitted items were kind of a benchmark for me in a lot of ways.

First off, I didn’t knit them. They were the first handknits I ever received, from the first knitting swap in which I ever participated. It was the summer of 2007 and Harry Potter mania was in mid-swing. One night I’d probably had half a glass of wine too many, clicked on a link, and Bam! I was in a Harry Potter themed knitting swap. We had fake wizarding names and everything.

I remember the timing because it was when I was starting to knit the Ravenclaw-colored socks for my downstream swap partner, my youngest child was admitted to the hospital and being fed some high-calorie meals around the clock in an effort to pack some pounds on him. I was pretty stressed out and struggling with the double-pointed bamboo needles and actual Sock Weight Yarn, but I was making a game effort of it sitting on the hospital bed until the afternoon I pulled too hard on the wrong needle and yanked it out of about 25 stitches. I knew then it was time to quit without really quitting. I called in a favor to my cyber sister Lauren in Scottsdale, frogged the project, and sent her the yarn so she could make socks for my partner. I did make some beaded stitch markers and get other goodies for my downstream partner, but in the end she barely acknowledged receipt of my packages.

My upstream pal, however, was a whole different story. Jules sent me a pair of striped Hufflepuff socks, a drawstring bag with lotion and goodies, and my favorite type of Ritter brand chocolate — dark chocolate with marzipan. You can relive that happy moment here at my One Happy Hufflepuff post from June 21, 2007.

Jules was also the first long-distance knitter I met in person. We got together once at a cool yarn/fiber shop near Springfield, Ohio, that had, among other things, a claw-foot tub FILLED with yarn. It was on that day that I bought my first package of stitch markers, and a hank of yarn I just KNEW I would make into mittens someday (and I eventually did). It was that first meeting when I told Jules she had the hair of a spinner. Do you believe me now, Jules?

We met up again a couple of years later to visit a yarn store in Dublin, Ohio, and get some Jeni’s Ice Cream while I finished Those Noro Socks.

Many things have changed since then. Tommy put on a few pounds and got discharged from the hospital. I learned to knit socks and even more intricate items. I had meetups with other knitters, created a little knitting get-together we like to call Unwind, and started a local knitting group that’s been meeting for almost three years now. I’ve done another Harry Potter related knitting event, and got re-sorted; I’m no longer classified as a hardworking, loyal Hufflepuff but a brainy, clever Ravenclaw who has gone on to knit herself some nice ‘claw-colored items.

When you knit…. people don’t often give you knitted things. But other knitters know this, and the kindest of them make sure that the handknits keep getting parceled out. I cherished those socks, and this winter I was wearing them to bed when I felt especially cold. One morning a couple of weeks ago I took them off to discover that they had given their all.

I’m sorry, Madame Pomfrey / Jules / Crafty Peach. But they were loved.

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Giving up

Okay, okay, I think I get the message. You want me to finish Tyrone.


That’s fine with me. I even have a Ravfriend in Alaska that promised over a year ago to help me through the decreases. (I’ll be in touch, Birgie.)

Here’s what is currently on the needles and has to come off first.

Number One. Retro Rib Sock #2. I’ve done the cuff and the first pattern repeat on the leg. Just 16 more repeats to churn through before the heel flap. And all that that entails. Since it was my January Sock Club selection and it’s almost March, I’m starting to feel a bit of pressure. We don’t want my gauge to change, do we?

Number Two. Spiral Rib Sock #2. Snuck this one in on you, didn’t I? I started this one last Friday at Knit Night, severely modifying poor Garry Aney’s perfectly fine spiral rib pattern in bulky yarn. If I hadn’t bought self-shredding bamboo dpns to make it with, I would have finished the first sock even sooner than Sunday morning. It’s too bad they won’t fit my husband as I had intended (it was going to be an anniversary present — who knew there was a wool anniversary?!) but they will fit me. And my feet are cold.

Number Three. Norm’s Scarf. This was supposed to be a Christmas present. And it’s really sailing along right now. It’s super easy (every time I say that I have to go back two rows, but so far you can’t tell) and I’m sure it’s more than half done. Norm’s a great guy and deserves this scarf while it’s still cold outside. (If it doesn’t get done until spring, I’ll make his wife a matching scarf in baby blue. You heard it here first.)

Number Four. This is the super important one, more important than either of the socks. It’s a blanket for Logan, Connor’s little brother. The deadline is Easter, and I started it last night. Cast on 171 stitches and knit three rows of the Ann Norling “Baby Blocks Baby Blanket” pattern. It shouldn’t look very babyish in dark blue and bright red!

Number Five. Doctor Who Scarf, Season 16. But it’s just listed here for the sake of the order. If it had to come off the needles before I worked on anything else, it just wouldn’t be fair.

I thought about becoming a monogamous knitter on Logan’s blanket for Lent… but next I thought my brain would explode. We don’t want that because then we would never get the socks done, would we?


Lent, for me, is going to be an attempt at 40 healthy days. Healthier eating, more exercise, better attitude, the whole thing. Take time for myself, be nice to others, the whole bit.

I should really kick it off by mailing out my swap packages tomorrow. Brandy in Texas, the lace kit came in and I’ll send you some goodies, too. Cate in Florida, I didn’t forget your spindle. Claire, I just need to find the right size box for the newspapers. And my secret Rav swap downstream partner — I’ll prep the package today. Jules, I owe you a bunch of goodies but don’t have enough yet. You’re an angel!


Here it is, Post 300. Long in the making because, well, these benchmark numbers put one under such pressure to perform! Until, finally, it occurs to me it hasn’t been three days since the last post, it’s closer to three weeks and by the time I write the next post there won’t be anyone there to read it anyway.


I have had my share of little panics over the past three days three weeks. Remember that extra little Christmas we had when I found the presents I’d hidden? One of them was a Scout knife, fresh from the factory and twice as sharp. The very next day, said Scout forgetting that putting it on top of his dresser wasn’t exactly removing temptation from his four-year-old brother, we had ourselves a small crisis. I’d tell you all the details, really I would — they were hilarious! — but until some sort of statute of limitations runs out, I’m afraid I’ll have to plead the Fifth lest someone from Children’s Services is reading this and decides I need some time in solitary to reconsider my parenting skills. (Short version: I did not know the knife was on the dresser until we were on our way to the doctor’s office for some skin glue. The reasonable explanations I heard for there being blood everywhere were all lies.) But we did meet a lovely new pediatrician.

That was a Wednesday. The following Monday I went upstairs to wake the same four-year-old boy for school, and was met with a zombie. I carried his limp body down to the couch, where he lay all day, eyes glazed, fever burning, unslaked by orange juice. The doctor’s office had no open time slots, so he didn’t get there until Wednesday, when it was discovered he had an ear infection and a teensy bit of, well, pneumonia.

It’s interesting to tell people that your child has a touch of, well, pneumonia. They look at you as if you’re about to breathe some pneumonia on them as well, while the thought bubble above their head wonders do people still get pneumonia any more?

Some of them do, and I hope they’re almost done with it. Because for a whole week, TV sucked, medicine tasted nasty, I was the most horrible mommy on the earth and deserved to DIE, and school became the Emerald City. But we did meet another nice pediatrician.

Meanwhile, I was adding “I am SO going to Knit Night” to the end of every e-mail I was writing last week. The events of the night were undiminished by the fact that one of my brake lines blew out as I was leaving the Beltline on the way to Verona, and were of course completely out on the hourlong drive back. I could tell they were handling differently — I just didn’t know why. But I brought me home safe. We dropped off the van on Monday, and maybe it will be fixed tomorrow morning. And we did get to reacquaint ourselves with the guys who fix my car.


I finished a Secret Knitting Project I can now call the Old School/New School Scarf. Check it out in 2009 Finished Projects. It’s a tube scarf, with colored stripes transitioning from Marquette Warrior to Marquette Golden Eagles. It’s hideously warm and was completed two days before it absolutely had to be.

I finished my January sock for the Personal Sock Club — check it out in Finished Projects as well. I finished this sock yesterday, so technically it’s a January/February sock, and I don’t care to speculate as to when the second one will be finished. I might cast on for it tonight, just so that doesn’t get delayed any further.

Who’s left? The only other active project I have is a Season 16 Doctor Who Scarf. I’m coming to terms with my other projects not really being Works In Progress, but Hibernating Items I’d Rather Not Think About For A Few More Months. But I really would like to get them all wiped out by the end of 2009.

Thanks for reading my 300th post!

P.S. I did some spinning the other night — yes, Wookie roving. I have a spinning retreat coming up in less than a month and thought I’d blow through the open bag of Wookie wool, have fun plying it, and have all the bobbins free for the retreat.

Ravelympics, Day whatever

I think it’s fair to say I haven’t been keeping up with anything. (I don’t know why this would surprise anybody.)

First, the Ravelympics. I cast on for the second wristwarmer pretty soon after I bound off the first one, just to take advantage of the momentum. Got the ribbing done, check. Kept going and did 8-1/3 rounds of the pattern, remembering to start on Row 4 and not Row 1. But that 8-1/3, that’s where it all started to go wrong.

I don’t even remember now what night that was, but I was trying to watch some Series 4 Doctor Who at the same time. At the end of the episode I realized I didn’t really know what was going on, since my eyes had been shut half the time. Saw a clone of Freema Agyeman climbing out of a bathtub n@ked, there was a lot of frantic running around….. I think I’ll have to watch it again. (Things could be worse.)

But the point is that the next night when I picked up my knitting and tried to continue, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell what round I was on, or what part of the round. There was a hole, there was not the number of stitches there should have been, and down there at the cable cross was something that looked suspiciously like a stitch, hanging out like a little outie belly button. Apparently I do not knit at all well in my sleep.

So. I pulled out the needles and wound the yarn all back up. Until yesterday at Irish Fest when I cast on again in the curragh tent. Got my stitches on, knitted two rounds, and took it all to the dance tent at the other end of the festival, in hopes of crossing paths with RavPal Criosa/Cristy. I didn’t see her there but finished the eight rounds of ribbing. (Hooray!)

And we did end up meeting, but in the curragh tent. She also knew some of the rowers, and before I knew it people were asking me if I wanted to go out rowing in one of the racing curraghs. My husband’s been trying to get me to do this for a while, but I have Resisted. I think I knew I would like it, but didn’t know how we would swing both of us being in the club. Who’s going to watch those kids while we’re out rowing, I ask.

Well, we’ll work something out, because I loved it. Got five quick calluses, none of which bled, and made that curragh fly. Mr. Beth was steering and another rower, Mark, sat behind me and captained us both, and everything came together fairly quickly. So maybe, just maybe, if I start exercising aGAIN, I could be rowing for the team at next year’s Fest.

And Criosa? Took pictures of the whole thing, swear to God.

I had another meetup while I was at Irish Fest, but I’ll save that for another post.

Current Projects I’m Actually Working On:

Bamboo socks: waiting for black yarn to do the toes.
Cotton footies: started these for my grandmother. They’re really like dorm boots, but I’m doing them in Peaches and Cream for no good reason other than she didn’t want wool, and I had this yarn already. If you can comment with a useful instruction for doing a p2tog tbl, you will win a prize because I will be so grateful. That’s where I’m stuck in the pattern.
RWW: ready to start the pattern tonight for Mitt Two.
Secret Projects: the count is now at 2.
Doctor Who Scarf: As of 3pm this afternoon, I now officially have more than enough of the yarn I need to do the Scarf. Now I just have to finish all the above projects, so that can be the one that runs in the background. 

I’m still working on organizing this wonderful afterparty. If you’re not on Ravelry and you’re planning to come, drop me a line to let me know how many free tickets you need. If you’re on Ravelry, PM me there. Thanks! And if you can help with setup on Friday night or Saturday afternoon, or cleanup on Saturday night, double thanks!

You won’t freaking believe the door prizes that are rolling in. O.M.G. I wish I could win one!

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What happens at Knit Night….

…stays at Knit Night, of course.

But the short version of last night is that we had a perfect storm of Wisconsin knitbloggers (ElizabethSABLE, Jaaladay, Dale-Harriett, Cathy-Cate, and more), a knitting ‘zine distribution (knitcircus #3), knitting tattoos (thanks Cathy-Cate!), delicious drinks, awesome projects, and a newbie who lent who lent structure to our evening. I wish I’d been wearing a wire so I could provide a transcript, but there was a lot that was Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For Children, or generally Not Suitable For Public Sharing. But all hilarious. If I get the chance to recall some of the evening, I’ll try to. We were a wild and naughty bunch hiding in the back room.

I handed out Ravelry badges and left 20 copies of the Second Sock Worksheet at the Sow’s Ear for distribution to whoever would like to help test them out. I also worked on my alpaca shawl exclusively and didn’t even take the Adipose project out of the bag. (Ironically, DH was at home watching most of the Doctor Who episode that included the Adipose; I still haven’t seen it.)

I’m still catching up with my Doctor Who viewing, but I don’t know how I’ll manage to see any of Series 4 before the finale on August 1. Series three, I should wrap up tomorrow night. Then I have less than a week to clean, plan, and pack for a multistate trip that will include a family reunion, two family mini-get-togethers, as at least two Ravelry meetups. If I can do some online viewing of Series 4, it means I won’t be sleeping. Just like now! But I really want to be aligned with the rest of Who-ville.

No other projects are getting attention now that I’m more than 80 percent done with the alpaca shawl (I’m conveniently ignoring the time it will take to make a crocheted  or I-cord edging, since I don’t know how long it will take). I need to mail at least one FO, and make arrangements to send out items for a swap so I can get the rest of my Doctor Who Scarf yarn. And I could probably finish the rest of my Ravenclaw mitten if I wanted to.

I haven’t even thought about my travel-and-trip knitting. Does anyone have suggestions for what WIPs I should take along? A week after I get back, the Ravelympics begin, and I’ll have a lot of simple knitting on my plate, taking my full attention. Then it will be time to really, really, plan that festival Afterparty.

Yikes, I’d better get busy! I didn’t know I was so far behind…..

Stuck in Stashville

It all started out innocently enough. There I was, on Ravelry (you can probably already see where this is going), and lo and behold some genius has come up with the Ravelympics. It made perfect sense to join Team TARDIS and sign up for the Scarf event.

Yeah, I’ll have no problem knitting a Doctor Who Scarf during the span of the Summer Olympics. I just have to locate the precise colors of discontinued yarn before the Opening Ceremonies, knit a little more than a foot of scarf a day for 17 consecutive days, and cast off before the Closing Ceremonies. No problem at all.

So I was trying to set up a swap for some of the yarn I needed, with a Ravelrer who recently finished her scarf and had leftovers of everything, when I had a brilliant idea. Since I needed to update my Rav stash listing anyway, I’d just take pictures of everything tonight and PM her tomorrow with a list of what she could pick from.


I just now took 39 pictures of yarn and projects in progress (okay, one was completed), and I have three plastic bins of yarn I haven’t even opened up yet. Then there’s getting the pictures from the camera to the computer, annotating them, getting them to Flickr, getting them into Ravelry, and making sure all the stats match up. Then marking appropriate listings with swap/sell.

I have a feeling it’s going to take a little bit longer than my initial estimate of, oh, tomorrow.

But I do have some very nice things in the stash now. If only I could knit faster!

Current projects:

  • Triangle garter stitch shawl, Classic Elite alpaca Inca Print in browns, more than 50 percent done. So you’ll recognize me at WI Sheep and Wool.
  • Panda Cotton socks, both socks poised on the brink of heel flaps.
  • Heelflap scarf, mystery pastel acrylic, stalled because it’s terribly boring. I joined on the next skein, which is super saver size, and looks absolutely endless. Funny though, while I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago I found a small ball of the exact same yarn for 10 cents. Of course, I bought it. Who else would need it?
  • Gull wing lace stole, Plymouth Shire Silk, stalled for six weeks. Remind me before I start again that I finished the first row of the 4 row repeat.
  • Hufflepuff Mittens from Charmed Knits, was going great until I had to frog the second thumb back. Then I remembered, I had the same problem with the first mitten.
  • IHS from doomed yarn, still stalled. Lots of other items due first. See what a lack of a deadline for a personal item can do to you? I did wind up the rest of the yarn into centerpull balls, though. Yay me!
  • Tyrone is still stalled too. That one needs an intervention.

I’m also making an Adipose for the legend-in-Doctor-Who-knitting-circles Mazzmatazz. So are 100 other Ravelry knitters. I want to get that done and sent in ASAP after this weekend.

However, I did finish a couple of items. A zigzag scarf for Mazzmatazz, a secret project, and a batch of 4 inch squares for a Doctor Who afghan to be auctioned off for charity. I sent those out this morning (along with Molly Bee’s and Crafty Peach’s) so that case is closed.

Huh. All these early morning storms have me wiped out. Couldn’t have anything to do with getting up already being up at 4am to watch Doctor Who, or wrestling three little kids 5 and under by myself this weekend (due to a curragh regatta in Columbus OH, thanks for asking), or this teensy glass of wine sitting next to the computer.

Let’s hope red wine goes well with Torchwood.

Contest time!

Hi folks….sorry for the lack of posts. The Internet connection is continuing to be crap, but now that we have DH has rearranged the living room, it seems to be better. (I know, WTF. It’s like the “magic” sticker on the big VAX servers in the Olden Days. Don’t touch it and everything will be fine.) Not knowing when I’d get dumped has kind of tarnished the relationship, yaknowwhatImean?

But anyway…..I just looked at my blog stats and saw the Comments total is at 987. You all know what that means, a goodie bag for the 1,000th comment! (Nothing for you, Mister Spam. Move along.)

I don’t know for sure what the prize will be. Odds are high that it could be a styrofoam head on which you could pose your latest knitted hat. Or, you could pick What’s Behind Door Number Two: a classic Chocolate Sheep care package from good ol’ Wisconsin. This will probably involve both yarn and chocolate. I’m planning an intimate party for 200 during WI Sheep & Wool Festival this year, so maybe I can test some recipes on you. If that sounds good, comment away!

Back to the knitting. The brioche scarf got totally frogged and converted to a tube scarf so I can have something for my hands to do when my brain is otherwise occupied. So that’s grinding along. In fact, I think that’s how I’m going to use up all my acrylic: cast on for tube scarves on 16-inch circs. Merry Christmas!

I’m a few inches (6!) into the first of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton socks. The pooling is fabulous, like a fractal swirl around the sock. I think one more inch and it’s time to knit me a heel flap. And now that the Yarn Harlot herself has annotated Page 144 of Knitting Rules for me, I’ll never forget how to slip those stitches again. (Hint: the needles are tip to tip.) But before I get to that point, I’m going to take someone’s advice and cast on for the second sock and work it up to the heel flap, too. Then I get to do two heel flaps in a row, squee! (That may also mean I have to buy another set of size 2 dpn’s, oh darn.)

I did one repeat on the IHS-with-cursed-yarn and set it aside again. Just not in the mood, I guess. There are still at least three skeins to be wound up, so it’s miles to go before I sleep, it’s for me, there’s no deadline, yadda yadda yadda.

The Packer Hat was mailed out, and I never heard from the guy again. I don’t know if he even received it. I think I’ll just assume he’s on vacation in Door County or something. Hey Brian, give me a shout out when you get back.

I haven’t been brave enough to pick up the Tyrone sweater yet — what is my problem? But in other Backyardigans news, my BY blog Backyardiknits just got a comment from a Spanish language Backyardigans fan blog. I just finished adding them to the blogroll over there. See how trusting I am that my connection will be stable long enough to do such things?

OK, I’m not brave enough to try to add a picture. I’m sure there’s something I want to say that I don’t want to lose in the inevitable failure to connect.

Top Chef related: I totally called out Nikki on this one, though I would have been thrilled to see Dale go home after this episode. Whenever someone’s this poisonous and they get the feedback and they get to go on to the next round, it certainly doesn’t discourage them or their tactics. And bravo Stephanie! And Richard for giving Stephanie his prize sight unseen. She deserved it.

What else is going on? Mr. Chocolatesheep has a state of the art iMac in the other room so he can make other magazines at home in his spare time, when he isn’t at work making magazines. It is freaking awesome. It is so freaking awesome I knew he wouldn’t mind if I snuck away and did a blog post. Mind? I don’t think he noticed.

Next thing to cast on? Maybe that can be what I judge comments on. What should be next on my needles. Socks for myself? My Dale sweater I actually bought the pattern and the yarn for? A knitted thing for my Birthday Buddy Swap on Ravelry? Or a mitered square for a Doctor Who afghan?

I’ll be in touch with you, number 1000.

567 Spam

Ugh, this might be the worst part of getting back from vacation… scanning the spam just in case a legitimate comment got somehow buried.

But 567?

Tell you what, I’m going to trust the software and delete ’em all. If you sent me a comment and it never shows up, please send it again.

Back to our regularly scheduled catch-up post. Vacation was good but hectic. Most days I didn’t know which day it actually was. I totally gave up on the hour. We changed time zones, but Mr. Beth cleverly adjusted the clock in the minivan whenever we changed times so I didn’t even have to think about it. I haven’t worn a wristwatch in years, so Pow! consider my circadian rhythms easily adjusted.

I still haven’t done anything about optimizing my blog photos, but don’t worry, I didn’t take any blogworthy pictures anyway. No yarn, knitting, kids, grandmother who turned 86, nothing. Oh yeah, I did take a picture of the side of a yarn store so I could prove I was there, I guess. Jules didn’t take one either. But oh boy WILL I take pictures of the yarn I bought there. Colleen picked out a skein of Lorna’s Laces in practically the same colorway as the “house yarn” I bought (spun and dyed on the premises). Later that same day I met up with Tonia, in a memorable meetup involving a pizzelle iron and a plastic grocery bag. We were just oozing class there in the McDonald’s parking lot. Shoulda seen us!

Lauren my house-elf finished the socks for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal. She made me feel really good about it, too. Perhaps I should give her some clothing and liberate her from her servitude? Before we meet in person? Whenever that might be?

Since I don’t have anything to add — yet — I’m going to take a moment to scurry around cyberspace and see what everyone else has been up to. See you tomorrow! (And thanks for continuing to drop by and poke around when I wasn’t posting frequently. It’s a small gesture, but it makes me feel wanted.)

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Treasure hunt!

With apologies to Ferris Bueller, blogging goes by pretty fast. If you blink, you might miss it. So here is some cool stuff I found over the last few days, while trying to catch up on my own sector of the knitblogosphere.

Did you wonder where the Harlot’s candy-colored handspun would up after she donated it to Claudia for a prize as she collected pledges for her MS ride? (breath) I found it here. It’s still beautiful and it’s great to know it’s in a happy home.

Do you like toe-up socks but hate short-row toes? Here is the amazing solution to the problem — bottom-up socks with top-down toes. As the Harlot might say, this is dead clever.

Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? And your kids laugh and say, Mom, you’re already grown up? Go here. Mother Chaos has expressed this so well I will never have to write about it again, I’ll just hand people a card with the hotlink written on it. (Or maybe have T-shirts made. That would be good for Harlot Tour meetups…)

Did you ever want a Personal Yarn Shopper? I just stumbled across this blog and feel like sending this chick $10 and saying, do your best for me at the next auction. Un. Be. Freakin. Lievable.

(edit) I just found this and there was no way I was not going to include it. Someone knit up an iPhone — Awesome!

If you have found some other cool stuff that I missed, let me know! One link only, though, so you won’t end up in the spam bucket with the guy from Amsterdam with all the drugs.

And here’s a quick note to all those jerks obsessed with ruining all the suspense that J. K. Rowling has spent that past ten years building up? Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. I don’t want you to shove the ending in my face, I want to READ MY BOOK. A note to others who feel as I do: don’t look for any news related to Harry Potter at all. I hear that people are typing in comments to news stories, with spoilers (real or fake) in all caps just to get their jollies. If in doubt, log off and knit until your book comes in. Then give us all time to read the book. I am re-reading the series and will be on Half-Blood Prince this weekend until Mr. Beth, who isn’t re-reading, finishes Deathly Hallows. We’ll all meet on the other side and have a good cry. Then, judging from reports from the Order of the Phoenix movie, there will be plenty of new things to knit.

Including House socks. For swaps. 😉

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Should she or shouldn’t she?

Hmm, the Hogwarts Sock Swap is entering phase two. I am really tempted to sign up to be a Second Year, for whom the requirements will be a little different: hand knitted socks, sock yarn, and a pattern.

Before you start railing on me — LAUREN — this time things could be different. I would get my yarn right away instead of ordering custom-dyed yarn from New York State (but oh, it was wonderful!). I would start right away. It wouldn’t be sock weight yarn, it would be thicker. On bigger needles that don’t feel like they’ll break. So I would have until October 31 to do basically, a pair of socks. I wouldn’t have to make anyone else do my dirty work.

Everyone who visits this site is welcome to weigh in with their vote. Four people in particular have weighted votes: my spoiler from Year One, my sock pal (after she gets her packages and is sure who I am), my husband, and Lauren the House-Elf. But all votes will be read and considered and tallied. Even votes from non-knitters. If you read this site with any kind of frequency, you know enough about me to cast a vote.

Should I sign up for round two as a Second Year?

Should I humbly watch from the cyber sidelines?

The People Shall Speak.

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