Damn the torpedoes!

And by torpedoes, I mean, of course, resolutions.

My grades didn’t tank — I’m still carrying an A in both precalculus and astronomy.

I didn’t gain 300 pounds — but neither did I lose 40. So I still have that one to struggle with.

And I’m still posting on the blog at least once a week.

But knitting… so help me, I needed to work on something new and bright and colorful and full of shiny fangirl wonderfulness.

So I did.

May I present Jayne Hat #1, which was not even in my queue until last week. On Monday I cast on and knitted to the end of the orange segment. Then I marched steadily on with the Browncoats until this afternoon, when I made my first pom pom with a pair of cardboard cutouts.

Hero of Canton

The yarn is a mishmash of Plymouth Encore for the pale orange and Thrift Store Mystery Yarn for the yellow and the red. All they had in common was that they were accessible and most likely machine washable. (I know that red has to be Red Heart Super Saver, and a careful washing should soften it up. I sincerely hope.) The pale orange tone works, actually, but now I’m somehow out of a proper yellow and I don’t want to use bright red  for the ear flaps again after seeing a picture of Adam Baldwin in the hat.

The man known as ME

So. Maybe now I’m back to my resolution-knitting, and maybe I’m not. But I know I will be making more Jayne Hats as soon as I can get the right yarns together. It’s an easy pattern (though I don’t think the one I made looks much like the real hat) and a quick knit, so it’s an easy way to augment your Geek Cred if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Behind schedule

So, based on those poll results, people are more interested in what I’m working on (and putting off) than the projects I actually complete?

Well….. okay. That’s going to work out quite well, actually.

Here’s the WIP list to the best of my recollection. I’ll put in pictures later.

1. Doctor Who Scarf, Season 18, Lion Brand Thick & Quick Chenille. This is well underway, and the only difficulty is that the yarn has been discontinued and the Terracotta and Burgundy colors, which I need several skeins of, each, are tough to find. I have a buttload of Purple in stash.

2. Doctor Who Scarf, Season 12, Caron Simply Soft. I’m making this for a friend and have every color except Brown and Yellow. I just finished the first two stripes. The next two stripes are Brown and Yellow. Time out!

3. Lenten Scarf KAL. This is an interesting project comprised of seven 12-inch squares in a row, making a 7-foot-long scarf. I am halfway through the last square, then need to weave in the ends, block it, and add tassels.

4. Baby blanket. This is the Baby Prayer Blanket pattern, done for a cousin’s baby, due in August. It’s maybe 20 percent done but that may be a generous estimate.

5. Cabled socks. This is the Brigid pattern, and I started this as a January stash knit-down project. Or February. Who’s counting? I am actually at the foot, but suspended work to take on the Lenten KAL with full force. The pattern says to switch to ribbing on the foot instead of continuing the Celtic knot, but I would rather continue the cabling if I could concentrate on the darn thing. Working both socks in parallel.

6. Tilting TARDIS scarf, based on the cowl pattern. This was a KAL timed with the end of the last season of Doctor Who, and we’ve started the new season already. You can imagine the urgency I bring to the project.

7. Cotton blanket: I have knitted 93 of the requisite 225 squares. I have no idea how I’m going to crochet them together. ‘Nuff said?

8. Greenish blue scarf, One-Row Handspun Scarf pattern. Begun on St. Patrick’s day 2010, or maybe 2009. I don’t remember, haven’t touched it in months.

9. A brown hat I’m knitting on the fly for a friend who is also Tommy’s bus driver. Every time she sees me she asks where it is. I last worked on it in December, and now it’s finally spring. Again, urgency.

10. I’m almost ashamed to say I never finished that little Adipose I was making in the summer of 2008? Really? 2008? Good Lord, Tennant was still the Doctor and everything.

There’s probably something else waiting for me to finish it. Are you happy now?

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A wedding and a funeral

I’m still here, but my priorities got changed for me over the last couple of weeks. I can’t even remember if I’ve gotten any knitting done since the last post — did I mention I finished a Doctor Who Scarf, all but for the fringe? — because real life sort of took over.

My brother got engaged, and I knitted his fiancée a pair of Bronte’s Mitts fingerless mittens in alpaca for her birthday. So I guess I did finish something! They arrived on her Actual Birthday and she likes them.

Bronte Mitts for Lydia

Then school started — all four kids on the bus at the same time. I waited twenty minutes, then dashed off to the coffee shop to celebrate with the other local moms I hadn’t seen all summer.

Then it was the second day of school. It wasn’t memorable until midnight, when we got a call to tell us there was a tragedy and school was cancelled for Friday. There were no details, and I spend the night tossing, turning, and sporadically searching the internet to figure out what had happened. It was 10:30 the next day when I discovered that our principal’s only son had been killed in a car accident after their car was struck by a suspected drunk driver. Treyton was a classmate of my middle boy — they were just six years old. It took me hours before I could compose myself to tell my children what had happened. It was a long and angry weekend for me, with my husband away and my kids grieving and venting at their completely different developmental stages.

On Monday we had a little family cookout, and on Tuesday it was time for school again. (“How was school today, Jack?” “Treyton’s dead.” “Yep.”)

On Wednesday school was cancelled for Treyton’s funeral. And although his mother made a passionate and moving 19-minute eulogy that would make anyone set their drink down and call a cab, I won’t embed it here. I heard it live, but it’s very hard to listen to. If you want to find it for yourself — particularly if you’re struggling with the issue of drunk driving or other bad choices at your house — go to www.todaystmj4.com for “Raw video: Treyton Kilar’s Eulogy.” I don’t know how long it will be available. If you know me via Facebook you can find it on my wall.

On Thursday I was taking my youngest son into town with me and he asked, “Mom, when is my next school day?” He goes on M-W-F and had already missed an F, an M, and a W.

On Friday we were sort of back to normal, but now it was time for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival (Hi, Lael!) and the final details for UNWIND, the Saturday night social event I’ve been coordinating for a few years now. I didn’t have any money to blow at the festival, so I was safe there. (I still have fiber from the last three years to spin up, anyway.) And the party seemed to go well — 113 guests, about 50 door prizes, and everyone got home safely. We’re doing it again next year and we’ll have more details soon. (The planning for next year went off like a shot when I delegated the venue and catering decisions to my friend Bonnie.)

Today was another normal old school day, but since the husband is away on a business trip through Thursday, there’s a lot more on my shoulders and I wish there were more time to knit. I’m working on a prayer shawl for Treyton’s mother, but the progress on it is somewhat unusual. I started a different prayer shawl pattern, but abandoned it after 1 row. This pattern was on the top of a stack of patterns I had printed out last April when my former father-in-law died, but I had never used it. I frogged the other project, cast on for the new pattern, and got a quick start. But now it seems I am called to knit only a few rows on it every day. The universe has made it clear that this is to be a methodical and meditative project.

I haven’t made the other two hats for the kids, but I did start a toque for myself as designed by my friend Dale-Harriet. I used up all the yarn she gave me and it won’t take long to finish it. I just have to wait until the next time we cross paths so I can get more Cascade, and I don’t know when that will be.

I’ll miss the next Late Night Knitting at the Sow’s Ear because the aforementioned middle son will be the ring bearer in a wedding that takes place this Saturday (the rehearsal is Friday night and we’re going to need it, trust me). We bought him a tuxedo for this, and he’s looking forward to it, but occasionally he does panic and freak out at stuff, so I’m a little tense as we get closer to it. I wonder how much weight I can lose in a week, just in case I need to go strolling down the aisle myself, hand in hand with a six-year-old.

That’s enough and I’m tired. I’m going to do some simple knitting and get some rest. Most of today, I’ve felt as if I was on the verge of some sort of episode, and I’m sure you can understand why.

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Only 100 rows

I finished the purple hat to go with Colleen’s gloves. See?

And I have been chugging along on the Doctor Who Scarf, until I now have just five stripes left to knit — 100 rows. Because I’ve been knitting in my ends as I go whenever switching colors, I won’t have that to do at the end of the work. I have just two ends to weave in from where I joined a new skein of brick red in the middle of a stripe, and the end left over after I bind off. Then it’s just cutting and attaching the fringe, and it’s all done.

I haven’t bothered to measure it for months. The only way I can knit on it is to keep it all rolled up and have it on my lap while I knit. It’s too big to work on in the car, and not especially portable anywhere else.


I just might time it so I can finish the main knitting at The Sow’s Ear this Friday night. That’s worth ringing the bell for!

Then, of course, it will be time to knit Jack’s and Tommy’s hats, start a tocque for myself, and finish all the lace and/or wristwarmers I’ve got going. I discovered a German knitting designer the other day who has a bunch of beautiful lace patterns up on Ravelry, and a handful of them are free. (download, download, download, print print print) Her name is Birgit Freyer and her site is http://www.Die-WollLust.de — “Knitting Delights.” She does publish charted patterns rather than line-by-line directions, so be advised. But oh my goodness, it’s lovely stuff.

UNWIND registrations are over 50 now. Keep those forms coming in, don’t wait until the last minute! (Which would be September 1.)

Oh yeah — I dubbed the blue and green alpaca sock yarn scarf as my Official Car Knitting. I had it with me yesterday on the way to a family party. As long as I can remember to cap the needles so the whole project doesn’t slide off, and I can keep from snapping the needles, I’m good. And as long as I don’t get impatient. I really wanted a lacier look for this scarf, and should have used much larger needles. But there’s no way in hell I’m ripping it out at this stage. Consider it a lesson learned for the next scarf made with sock yarn. This one looks lovely at the gauge it’s in. It’s just going to be done when it’s done and that’s the best I can do.

So, what’s your Endless Project? How do you motivate yourself to keep plugging away at it?

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Meeting expectations

I always knew I was my own worst enemy. No sooner do I vow to Get This Doctor Who Scarf Done No Matter What, I decide I just have to make matching hats for the mittens.

One hat down, another hat started, two hats to go.

But tonight, I swear, I will work on The Scarf. After tonight’s Top Chef and a round of playing the home game (eight key ingredients, two cooks, one dish each, no desserts). I mean, I only have 190 rows to go before I add the tassels.

So, of course, I started on some Secret Holiday Knitting too. That shouldn’t slow me down a bit, no sirreeeeee!

But other than that, the order should probably be Doctor Who Scarf first, Adipose, Tilting TARDISes Cowl/Scarf (did I mention that one in the last list? it’s lovely lace), Gigi’s Triangle Shawl, 198 Yards of Hell, and then whatever’s left. With, of course, Hats of Hilarity and Christmas Knitting tucked in between each of those projects.

Did I mention there is a birthday and a wedding coming up? And that I thought when school started I would be able to work on some quilts when I wasn’t studying for my Apple Hardware and OS Certification? Oh crap. I might find out I’m human after all.

Time/spacewise, I started reading the introduction of my scholarly edition of H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine, only to discover his primary influence for the work was a book called Flatland published by Edwin Abbott in 1884. Well lo and behold, I have already bought Flatland, so after finishing the Time Machine intro I will read Flatland first. This is all because I finished Cosmos a couple of days ago, yay me.

It’s all part of the plan. Hang on tight.

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Mittens are Old Hat

Did I mention I made a bunch of mittens (and one pair of gloves) last month? I apologize, gentle Reader, for not informing you sooner.

Eldest wanted a pair of mittens that were the same color as Harry Potter’s cabled sweater in The Sorcerer’s Stone, and I decided to throw in the mirrored cables for free. of course, since I wouldn’t see him until August, technically I didn’t have the mittens finished “on time.” But I did everything except the thumb tips before he got home, and took care of those on the second night he was back. Yes, those thumbs are ginormous, and no, I’m not sure why. But my son tried on his mittens, pronounced them perfect, and allowed as to how there was plenty of room for growth. Every once in a while, your child gives you a reason to keep him. This was one of those times.

I’ve made a couple of knitting plans since finishing the mittens. One was to see how many unfinished projects I could finish while the Formula One boys are on their annual three-week summer break. Right now this includes:
• A Doctor Who Scarf for my brother, 80 percent complete
• A leftover Adipose doll from two summers ago, 90 percent complete
• Lauren’s Wristwarmers, umm, zero percent complete (I wound off one skein of the yarn I want to use), sorry Lauren
• A blue and green scarf made with alpaca sock yarn, maybe 30 percent complete
• The ironically named 198 Yards of Heaven shawlette, on Row 37 of 76. That sounds like halfway — trust me, it’s not.
• A garter stitch triangle shawl for my grandmother, about 20 percent done?
• Tyrone. 90 percent done, three years in timeout. Enough said?

Maybe it’s time for a poll, or some groupthink for a strategy to finish as many of these as I can before Christmas knitting starts to creep onstage.

In the meantime, I started knitting ribbed hats from the leftover mitten yarn, so the kids will have matching sets and I will have less yarn. I’m halfway done with the first one now. Since I did mittens from Youngest to Eldest, I’m doing hats from Eldest to Youngest. Because I’m the boss of me, that’s why. And because once you’ve set yourself a time-based goal, there’s nothing more motivating than adding additional tasks. Or something like that. Say hello to Hat Hilarity!

School starts on September 1, so naturally I have developed three new professional goals for myself. One, to continue the library science classes, but with a math and science focus. Two, to undertake self-study and get certification in Apple operating systems and hardware so I can snag a best buy job as a Counter Intelligence Agent. (Yup, the Geek Squad.) and Three, to get some freelance work or a part time job so I can afford to qualify for the bigger jobs.

The week after school starts, I’m also throwing that little party for a few fiber friends. I think we have about 50 UNWIND registrations so far, and are expecting a lot more in the next few weeks. It’s time to start working on the fine details of that one, and I’m glad it’s not a solo job any more.

Have to scoot now — need to work on a Scarf (or a hat), get some registrations processed, ice my hip (thank you bursitis, therapy starts Thursday morning), and get all the kids ready for a trip to take two of them to karate.

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The day before the travel day

What happened? Is it time to go? Where are my clothes? What am I taking?

Oh yeah.

I thought we were on track with getting ready for a week away from home, when I saw the 2-3 inches of wet snow on the ground this morning. OK kids, now I’m serious about the mittens and the hats and the scarves. And by the way, pick up a snow shovel on your way out. kthxbai.

There are a couple of knitting projects I really should be working on today, but in reality I’ll be doing dishes and laundry and making lists and packing for the kids. So any knitting will probably be just stress-release knitting. I started a little garter stitch scarf for my daughter that’s perfect in that role — filling the Garter Stitch Void where the Doctor Who Scarf used to be. (I’ll probably start another one after Christmas, if there is anything after Christmas.)

We currently have 20 Connor Caps logged in here at Hat Central. Today’s the last day I’ll be receiving mail before the deadline of next Monday. I’m preparing myself hoping for an onslaught of the remaining 180 hats then, when I go to the post office to pick them up.

If you haven’t emailed me for my address before 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday), just contact Sara (Spitfire) at the email she left in the comments, and she’ll get it to you.

And while I’m gone, try a visit over here. Apparently I have a German twin! When I update my blogroll in 2009 I may well make a separate section for Chocolate Sheep sightings around the world. If you see one, please let me know about it!

Yesterday I purchased a 66 qt. plastic bin, 200 feet of clothesline, and 200 wooden clothespins for transporting the hats to school on Hat Day and displaying them between the basketball hoops. Does anyone know if 200 feet of clothesline is going to be enough?

It’s come to my attention that I haven’t posted a picture here of my Doctor Who Scarf, fully fringed. So here’s one!


Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf, fringe and all

Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf, fringe and all

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Connor Caps mailing info

I will be offline during Thanksgiving week, so if you will need my mailing address for a hat, please contact me before Tuesday, November 26. After that time you can PM spitfire if you’re on Ravelry, or you will be out of luck.

Please, when you send a hat/postcard/afghan square, include your name and address in or on the package. I want to give credit, and there are prizes at stake. I want to everyone to be eligible to win.

And if you sent me a hat from Cedar Ridge, California, contact me right away so I know who you are!

Thank you!

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Endless petty pace

Everything is going forward. There is so much going on it’s like we did Hands Across America and all decided to walk to Starbucks together. We’ll get there, and all at the same time, but it’s going to take patience and coordination.

I finished almost all of one of the Christmas knits I’m making (including weaving in the ends, thank you). And I started putting the fringe on my Doctor Who Scarf, then realized I should have done it from the other side. Last night I sat on the couch, and undid each fringelet and turned it around. The fringe is 75 percent done now, and will be finished before Friday.

Everywhere I look, I have a project sitting and waiting for me to give it some attention. Yikes! NaKnitSweMo, Christmas knits 1 and 2 and 3, Bamboo socks…. we won’t even mention the Senior WIPs like Tyrone and the cursed IHS and the lace stole I started on Mother’s Day. Nope, won’t mention those at all.

I just got done shuffling my sets around on my Flickr account so I can post pictures of all the Connor Caps as they come in. I have lost track of how many people have asked for the mailing address, and I know quite a few hats are already in the mail.

If you are knitting or crocheting for the Connor Caps project and are not in the Ravelry group, here’s an extra bit of information I don’t remember mentioning here. I have recently found out that Connor collects postcards. If you want to include one with your hat, I will pass it on to my son to hand-deliver to Connor.

We’re also taking six-inch squares to be seamed up into an afghan. They can be knit or crochet squares, and there’s no deadline. I’ll set one eventually, but this is the wrong time of year to be announcing deadlines for anything. It’s too overwhelming.

Yesterday I got to go with my son to another classmate’s birthday party. Most of his class was there, and it was held at a skating rink. Do you remember all your elementary school skating parties? This was great, and they even played some AC/DC, which was what I used to skate to. Skating to the old school funk was really fun. I want to have my son’s birthday party there, too, so I picked up a schedule on the way out. Would you believe that they have an adult skate during my Wednesday morning free time? With free coffee? I am SO there.

Did you know there is a Roller Skating Association and a National Museum of Roller Skating? I didn’t, but I do now. Thank you Wikipedia!

By the way, I had a good weigh-in last night. You two pounds? Bye-bye and bye-bye. You are not welcome here. Hit the road!

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Hats and gifts and stuff

Connor Caps total: 1

But I have it on good authority that caps will start arriving soon, a few from France, some from Canada, and others from the States. The Connor Caps group on Ravelry now has members representing sixteen states and three other countries. WOW.

Connor himself has started chemo and radiation therapy, and after a rough start on the first day he was actually back at school on Wednesday, showing off his radiation mask for Show and Tell.

I nearly poked holes in my fingertips while making the beret, so I did shift to another project for the time being — an Everlasting Bagstopper from Amy Singer at Knitty. I can’t say enough about how cool this pattern is. It’s free, it’s fast, there’s almost no purling, it looks great, and did I mention there’s almost no purling? The only drawback right now is I’ll have to buy one more ball of Sugar & Cream yarn to finish it. Well boo freaking hoo, if that’s the worst thing happening right now. I’m sure I’ll be making whole batches of them.


In very slow progress

In very slow progress

The NaKnitSweMo sweater is still sitting there where I left it, begging me to finish the crew neck. Obviously I won’t have a sweater by the end of the month. But I’m not beating myself up because there’s so much other stuff going on. The sweater thing was really a vanity project, and I’ll be happy whenever it’s done. Meanwhile, Christmas gets a day closer every day. I’m trying to panic quietly.

And I haven’t put the fringe on the Who Scarf, either. That must be done before Thanksgiving. Just have to start and keep going, I guess. (Shout out to Dale-Harriett, who is finishing the knitting and weaving portion of Scarfness, and sidling up to the fringe as well. But it’s a quiet shout out, since she’s working on NaWriNoMo and keeping pace. I’d link, but I don’t want to disturb her.)

The “diet” resolve is holding steady so far. I don’t know why things are different this time. Maybe I finally set a goal that was low enough — do everything I can to lose one pound a week. This morning I woke up and I was craving to hop on the Nordic Track and exercise. (Maybe there was a little bit of craving for listening to Cast On as well, but it doesn’t matter to me if it’s working.) I’ve been drinking less alcohol, less soda, more water, having fewer snacks, and eating better portions of better food. Weigh-ins are on Sunday nights and I am not checking in the interim. But I feel better already.

To wrap up, I have started and frogged the brown Merino giftknit scarf three or four times now. I need some pattern suggestions for something quick and warm and soft. I don’t want to repeat using these patterns for this person: One-Row Handspun Scarf, Mistake Rib Stitch, or Garter stitch. I would also be so slow at any kind of overall ribbing that I’m dubious about that, too. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your prayers for Connor and your hats for the schoolkids, if you’re making them. If you need the mailing address, just say so in the comments and I’ll email you back with it. And if you’re on Ravelry, do join the group!

P.S. Top Chef returns and it’s off to a soul-crushing start! Why oh why do they allow competitors who are still in culinary school? That’s just cruel.

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