Week Forty-Three: The Annotated Hamlet

Last weekend I finally got around to watching the 2009 BBC release of Hamlet featuring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. It was still in the shrink-wrap after my 2010 purchase, but last Friday it was liberated!


I could tell you what food and drink I collected to go with the play, or what knitting I thought I might do as I watched, but I’ll cut to the chase: I loved it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this play. The last time I saw it was the Kenneth Branagh version somewhere around 1997… a different life and a different world, which I cannot visit again. But that’s okay. While I remember that version as majestic and grand, this one was much more immediate and emotional and raw.


I won’t even try to sum up a 187-minute movie of a 413-year-old play. But I’ll share with you the notes I took as I watched. If you want to see how well my notes match up to the play, try watching this. I watched the DVD version, but this should be close enough.


0:16:00 — I want to punch Claudio in the face!

0:24:00 — The Look between brother and sister… “Here Dad goes again….”

0:25:30 — Yep, that’s a student going back to college.

0:38:40 — O VILLAIN!

0:43:00 — “O cursed spite” speech. Hamlet knows HERE that he is doomed.

0:46:00 — briefing…. 🙂

0:48:20 — Boys will be boys?

0:48:45 — slutshaming

0:51:30 — “YOUR son.” But Gertrude knows the real problem. She knows her son.

0:53:30 — A smack for Polonius.

0:54:10 — et cetera…

0:55:50 — Gertrude betrays Hamlet

0:57:00 — Ophelia as bait. “The love of a good woman” as a cure for madness.

1:01:00 — Well, he’s snapped.

1:04:00 — How long does Dad need to listen to this, anyway?

1:04:30 — [Claudio]: “It’s not love.”

1:06:00 — [Polonius]: boys will be boys, AGAIN.

1:07:00 — DID I STUTTER?

1:08:00 — Claudio actually gets the identities of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern correct! (Unless Hamlet gets it wrong even though they are his “closest friends”.)

1:12:00 — What a piece of work is man

1:12:55 — “Man delights not me.” “Aha!”

1:14:00 — dum dum dummmmmmmm

1:17:00 — Hamlet can’t stab Polonius soon enough. GRRR

1:21:00 — “a dozen or sixteen lines”

1:22:00 — self-criticism

1:23:00 — aching for it. “Am I a coward?”

1:27:00 — [Gertrude] What the hell’s up with that???

1:32:00 — I am the Whistler.

1:49:00 — Am I forgiven?

1:57:00 — There is no true love at your age, therefore we must be opportunists

2:02:00 — “I must be cruel, only to be kind”

2:06:00 — “NIGHT, MOTHER!!!”

2:07:00 — [Claudio] You bastard.

2:11:00 — Does NOBODY get my jokes?

2:19:00 — [Claudio] It’s everybody’s fault but mine.

2:23:00 — Ophelia says “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance” AND HANDS LAERTES A THISTLE.

2:27:00 — “Where the offense is, let the great axe fall.” — Claudio betrays Hamlet

2:30:00 — C sacrifices his stepson

2:34:47 — Claudio blames Gertrude for firing up Hamlet’s passions after he, Claudio, went to SO much trouble to calm him down. Effing gaslighter.

2:43:00 — Thanks, Church.

2:46:52 — [Claudio] “Set some watch over your son

2:51:50 — I have made up my mind to do this… don’t stop me

2:58:40 — aw, fuck it.

2:59:30 — “Had I but time….”


Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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