Week Forty: Progress Report

It’s time to check on my resolutions as I wrote them out and published them at the end of December.

Thusly, I resolve that, in 2013 (!!!) I shall:

  1. Blog on Chocolate Sheep again, and regularly. Dare I say, weekly?
  2. Finish the Doctor Who scarf I’m knitting for my friend Ginnie.
  3. Complete my calculus class.
  4. Learn one new cast-on.
  5. Find a Most Excellent Job in my chosen field of technical and scientific editing.
  6. Learn one new cast-off.
  7. Help my kids be awesome.

Seven looks like a good number, don’t you think?

Number One. I have published at least one blog post per week, every week this year. I also threw in a few bonus posts here and there, and discovered a new (for me) feature of WordPress that enabled me to write posts in advance and publish them on my own schedule when I was traveling for an extended period over the summer. I also learned how to Publicize my posts via Facebook, and I automated that feature as well when I wasn’t at home to do it manually.

It would take me 49 more years to be as consistent as Cal Ripken, Jr.

At my current rate, it would take me 49 more years to be as consistent as Cal Ripken, Jr.

Number Two. I finished that scarf long ago. It’s starting to get coolish here in Southern Wisconsin, and I’m looking forward to seeing Ginnie wearing it again.

We're trending up, as they say.

We’re trending up, as they say.

Number Three. Here’s the thing, and I’ll be perfectly honest about it. I sat in on a spring-semester calculus class, but wasn’t really getting the mastery on the right schedule. And over summer I was watching kids virtually full-time when I wasn’t traveling with them. I did not study, and I forgot much of what I thought I had learned. I learned a lot about how my brain works (and doesn’t work), but that didn’t get me a grade. Which converted from an “I” for Incomplete to an F. However, all is not yet lost. I do have a certain amount of time in which I can do the work and petition to have the grade changed. That’s the current plan. Now, I do have an overall 3.0 grade point average even with the F on my transcript, but that doesn’t sit right with me because (a) I had a 4.0 grade point average before I started calculus, and (b) I had a decent B with the possibility of an A just before I couldn’t attend class any more last Thanksgiving. So I know what I’m capable of under good circumstances, and I’d like to get as close to that as I can.

What is infinity in dog years?

What is infinity in dog years?

Number Four. I think I’ve already recounted this, but after being taught NUMEROUS TIMES how to do the long-tail cast-on (thank you for your patience, Bonnie!), after some decent time interval I started a project that called for it. Lo and behold, my hands now knew how! It wasn’t a fluke — two weeks ago I cast on for another project and executed the long-tail flawlessly. I now have another reliable tool in my knitting toolbox.

Number Five. There may be breaking news in this category very soon. But for now I’ll have to ask you to respect my embargo.

If telling you about a job means I don't get the job I told you about, it could create a paradox that could destroy the universe.

If telling you about a job means I don’t get the job I told you about, it might create a paradox that could rip apart space-time and destroy the universe.

Number Six. I completely forgot this was something I resolved to do. It’s a good thing I decided to check up on myself, isn’t it? Well, I’m going to need some help with this one. I know how to do the “standard” cast-off and the “loose Russian cast-off” (k2tog, sl st back to left needle, repeat) and I don’t know what others might be good to learn. Knitters, please comment with useful bind-off techniques I should look into and learn by the end of the year. After all, I only have eleven more weeks!

Perhaps I need this book.

Perhaps I need this book.

Number Seven. So far this year my kids have been pretty awesome. The Teen started high school, concentrating on engineering (and also taking German, geometry, and Honors English). He’s involved with a bunch of students who plan to revive a defunct gaming club. Daughter is in the band (playing my old saxophone from high school), just joined the pom squad, will be playing basketball this year, and volunteers at the local library. She was recently elected as the student council representative for the fifth grade. Middle Son won first place for his grade in a spelling bee in the spring, is almost done with a season of youth tackle football, and is the fourth grade’s student council representative. Youngest won second place for his grade in the same spelling bee and also ran for student council representative for second grade. (He didn’t win, but he wrote a terrific speech.) Truly, I don’t think they can get much more awesome. (But I’ll find out within a month’s time after I’ve had conferences with all their teachers.)

Perhaps we need this shirt, too.

Perhaps we need this shirt, too.

Of course, I issued myself the Sheep and Wool Challenge on top of all this. Right now I’m on Row 4 of the only project I’ve cast on to fulfill it, and haven’t done diddly squat on anything else. Huzzah!

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  1. My favorite stretchy cast-off, perfect for toe-up socks, is this: k1, yo, k1, slip far right-hand stitch and yo over the second stitch. *Yo, k1, slip far right-hand stitch and yo over latest stitch.* It looks a bit sloppy when you are done, but it looks fine once you put the socks on.

    If you want the cast-off to be stretchy but not THAT stretchy, do yo’s every other stitch or every 3rd stitch or every 13th stitch. It is very adaptable.

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