Week Thirty-Two: Best Spam Ever! and a post

If you’re going to be a spammer, you really shouldn’t carry all your spam in one basket. Eventually, governments will trace your IP address and shut you down, so you need to work for multiple clients if you really want to make your living at this kind of “work.”

That being said, I’ve never seen a spam message quite like this one. I’ve deleted the links and added line breaks between topics, but left the rest of the text as it is. This is one message.


If this be the case you will need to be treated by different medications. In order to prevent a reinfection in case you get bitten by an infected mosquito again, you should apply a mosquito repellant, wear long sleeved shirts and long pants especially at dusk when these mosquitoes are most active and you should sleep under a mosquito net.

Basketball players, football players and even tennis players wear compression shorts.

Best St Patricks Day T [link deleted] It looks like a pill at that capacity, not all bloated out like on the internet photos.

Ulster Call On Marshall And Wannenburg

No matter what the season, the Fox Sports Store has got you covered with the newest Buccaneers Apparel, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sweatshirts and items that no true football fans should be without. No portion of this site may be reproduced or duplicated without the express permission of Fanatics Retail Group. [link deleted]

They’ve owned the home for 18 years, but it was originally built for the Abel family (of margarine fame) who owned a large Horace Massey house next door on vast grounds. Tole, to design them a superior quality retirement home. [link deleted] And she did, following through with slim peacoats, narrow trousers, cream silk buttonedup blouses and neat skirts, with almost nothing above the knee (a first sight of the new midi length that has gained strength ever since).


Well. I just had to share that. But I have been up to a thing or two besides appreciating the Akismet software that fills my WordPress spam bucket with such interesting posts. I have been grinding along (with love, mind you) on the giftknit. It is…wider than I had anticipated…so much so that when I calculated my yarn needs based on its width proportional to what it should be, I discovered that I needed to purchase six more skeins of this yarn. Which would not be a problem, really, but when I got home from my travels and checked at the places where I’d originally purchased the yarn, one store had discontinued it and the other store had a new dyelot in stock, and only three skeins of it anyway. I checked on Ravelry, and while many people have stashed this yarn in this particular colorway, NOT ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD is willing to sell it. (Wait until they try knitting with it. They might change their minds.) I would panic about this, but because I’m not even close to half-done with the project, my first duty is to knit like the wind, Bullseye, and worry about the yardage when I have to worry about it.

Right now I am not working on any other knitting projects even though I am sorely tempted. But I must finish this giftknit by a deadline I’m not aware of, so that means I need to just keep at it and do my best. Allons-y!

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