Week Nineteen: Something Was Missing

This week I had intended to write about cars — all the cars I have ever owned. Last night I discovered I had more to say about this topic than time would allow. So I’m still working on it for next week’s blog post. That might give me time to find pictures of most, if not all, of my cars.

In the meantime, here are some interesting chocolate bars I recently discovered. Yes — chocolate. No — I hadn’t given it up.

Citrus Ginger Chocolate

Indulgence Chocolates Citrus Ginger

I picked up this chocolate bar at a classy grocery store in Delafield. It was part of a display that was NOT with the candy; it was next to the floral shop. I guess they figure that if you’re the kind of person who stops to buy an orchid, you might also be the kind of person who throws some fancy chocolates in your cart too. I suppose that I am, because I also bought an orchid. (Fancy that, I’m in someone’s demographic!) It was a nice bar to nibble on over a week’s time, though the ginger flavor was more subtle than I’d expected.

Sweet Dark chocolate

Lindt Sweet Dark Chocolate

Just yesterday I was at the Johnson Creek Outlet Mall and discovered there was such a thing as a Lindt Outlet store. Uh-oh.

You know how the candy store at the mall (if you still have a mall) has a wall rack with every possible flavor and color of jelly bean? Lindt does this with chocolate bars. All those impossible-to-find flavors, like Chili, Black Currant, and whatever-suits-your-fancy, are right there in your face. I was tempted to whip out my smartphone and take a picture of the display, but I had announced, “I found lunch!” to the staff, and one of them came over and pressed a free-sample truffle into my hand. I was distracted.

Anyway, I decided to pick out two flavors that not only had I never tried before, I had never even known to exist.

Sweet Dark is basically dark chocolate without the bitterness. If a 65% cacao feels strong to you, try this. It’s very smooth. nomnomnom smooth.

Wasabi Dark Chocolate

Lindt Wasabi

The staff at the outlet store advise, “If you don’t like wasabi, you won’t like this bar.” It’s not really about heat (although it could ambush you if you thought you were picking up a square of Hershey’s Special Dark), but about that unique flavor that is wasabi. This bar definitely has it. I was told that the flavors would fight each other, taking turns in your mouth, but I thought they blended very well. Then again, I’ve gotten myself used to snacking on Blue Diamond’s wasabi and soy sauce roasted almonds. It’s delicious, but I’m trying to limit my portion size in case some of the heat turns out to be cumulative.

Have an interesting chocolate today! I’m off to look for old car photos for next week’s post.

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  1. Well done, Chocolate Sheep! My biggest weakness is chocolate with sea salt….

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