Week Ten: Zeno’s shawl

Last week I said that I would probably finish Wingspan before I finished all the parts for my Double Top Secret Massive “Get me the Guinness Book of World Records on the phone, stat!” Ginormous Knitting Project.

Well, things change. Creation is a… dynamic process, shall we say. And for once it’s not because I stalled out on the large project; it’s because I’ve lengthened the small project. When I got to the halfway point on Wingspan, I weighed the remainder of the yarn and found that exactly half of the original skein was left. I was delighted. Everything was going exactly to plan. Well, it was going to plan until I realized that having only half of the yarn left at the halfway point was a Very Bad Thing, as there was more to knit than just the other half of the shawl. To “analogize” for a moment, it’s as if I were building a tool shed and used half of my building materials to construct and attach two walls to each other. Hooray, with the rest of the materials I can finish my shed…. if I don’t need a roof. For Wingspan, you knit these eight wedges, then you knit several rows across the neckline. Then you bind off, which always takes more yarn than just knitting straight across.


I didn’t want to stop after seven wedges, as it seemed a little too small to look like a shawl. So. I looked on Ravelry and found there were exactly three other people in the world who had one skein of the same yarn in the same colorway and were willing to sell or trade it. (The dyelots don’t match, but nobody’s perfect.) So. I am currently in negotiations for the procurement of one said skein, which I shall use to knit an extra seven (not eight!) wedges onto the first eight, which should give me plenty of yarn for the neckline and the binding-off. So. I don’t know when said yarn will arrive. When I run out of yarn I will have to set Wingspan aside until the second skein shows up.

The small project gets both larger and slower; its finish line is pushed back indefinitely just as it comes into sight.

But knitting is pretty cool. If you keep knitting, even if it is only a few stitches a day, if you’re bullheaded persistent your project will reach a finish line. It might not be the finish line you originally had in your sights, but a finish is a finish. And some knitters find their finish line by planning something really big and stopping early. Take that, Zeno!

Meanwhile, The Big One glides toward completion as if it were a fresh hockey puck in the wake of a Zamboni. Ten parts to go. I’ll have time to contact the Guinness Book people before Spring Break.

Below the surface, other ideas and plans are emerging and being evaluated. Every day brings some new thoughts to mind. I’m investigating, researching, and contemplating. Who knows what can happen in a year?

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  1. Love the Easter Island underground shot!

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