A day late and a short post

This was a long week, but I can’t think of much to say about it. Brendan was out of town from early Monday morning to very late Friday night, so I did a lot of catering to the kids when I wasn’t studying for the first exam in my astronomy course, taken on Wednesday (grades are not up yet).

What did I do? I drove the station wagon a few times, super glued Tommy’s glasses back together, learned new stuff in math class, dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day, washed a lot of dishes, did a lot of laundry, baked chocolate chip cookies a couple of times, and barely watched any television at all. I didn’t get as much sleep as I needed, I didn’t eat as well as I should have, and yet I seem to be gaining wait. Stress, stress, stress.

One does what one must, I suppose. But I shall try to do better this week and maybe get some knitting in, though my opportunities to attend my regularly scheduled knitting groups seem to be gradually vanishing. I passed a benchmark on a big long-term project; I can’t claim that the end is in sight at this point, but it may be within comprehension.

One of my two big items this week is to take Tommy to an eye exam. It seems odd to say that he hasn’t had an exam in years because he’s not yet six years old, but it’s true. He started wearing glasses when he was in Pre-K4. He’s been breaking his Internet-ordered frames now, and it’s time to see if he needs a new prescription.

The other big item, happening on the same day, is to take JC to apply for a passport. His Tante Linda has booked passage for them on an Alaskan cruise this summer, and because they will be traveling to and through bits of Canada (I’m so envious!), a passport is essential. He’ll need to have his passport photo taken, and the application process will be a little complicated by the fact that he’s a minor with one deceased parent; I’ll need to bring my son’s birth certificate and his father’s death certificate.

In an ironic twist, Peter had wanted to take him to Canada a couple of summers ago to eat at his friend Steve’s restaurant in Windsor, but I couldn’t get the paperwork done in time because I couldn’t find JC’s proper birth certificate. But when I was at Peter’s house looking for key items after his death last fall, there was a certified birth certificate for JC in one of the folders. Weird.

Anyway, we’ll get the process started on Friday, so my son can prepare to be a travelin’ man. He’ll be 13 next month; it’s Rite of Passage time.

Resolution Update

Resolutions? Did I make resolutions?

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