Calling a Mulligan

This was a never-ending and wearisome week. The summary is thus: almost no knitting. Gained back all the weight I’d lost so far. Threw out so little junk that I forgot Thursday was Trash Day. Spent most of my time being tired. So, it’s time to draw a line in cyberspace and let myself start over. Tomorrow is another day and all that. I shall prevail, I vow that I shall. Eventually. In the meantime, please print new dance cards and reset all counters to zero. Thank you.

One highlight was that on Friday I pretty nearly rocked my first math exam. Unfortunately it was the easy problem that escaped me. After I turned in my test I solved the thing in my head in less than two minutes. Oh well. I will get more credit for doing as much as I did algebraically than if I’d written down my “logic” that solved it later. So, it’s net gain, and I didn’t erase a good answer and replace it with a non-answer. It’s a strange thing to be positive about, but it’s mine.

Spam of the week:

Sometimes, there weren’t even enough slots in the computer and so you also had to buy an expansion chassis.

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