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What a long week! I got slammed with a sinus infection on my first day of school, then the meds slammed me again. There were also snowstorms on Tuesday (to and from school) and Friday (after school) that kept me as alert as possible. I worked 15 hours in the Languages & Literatures Department, mostly photocopying syllabi on Tuesday and posting “class cancelled” notices on Friday. It turns out that I probably won’t be able to count on getting that many hours in a regular week once the schedule is set, so I’ll probably be looking for an additional campus job to help pay for classes. I have a couple of leads.

Unfortunately, there was almost no knitting this week. The roads were terrible on Tuesday night, so I wouldn’t have gone into town for knit night anyway, but it was a Scout night, so I didn’t go to Scouts instead. I missed both morning knitting times, as I will for this whole semester, and I was so busy on Friday afternoon that I didn’t get home until about 5:30 anyway. There was no way in the snowfall that I was even thinking of driving to Verona anyway, which takes an hour in each direction on a clear day.

Friday brought something new… a first step in an assessment for Jack. I wanted him to be checked with Asperger’s Syndrome in mind, but after half an hour of watching him scoot across the exam room on the doctor’s “spinny chair” on his stomach, touch everything in the room, open all the drawers, and interrupt a million times, the doc wisely remarked, “I don’t really see Asperger’s here, but have you thought about ADHD?”

Well…. duh. I’d said years ago that I didn’t want him to go off to public school because he would have come home with a Ritalin prescription in hand on the first day, but I hadn’t taken my own words seriously. Viewing him through this filter, it makes a lot of sense. He doesn’t have a formal diagnosis yet, but we got a referral to someone who can make one, we set another eval appointment for two weeks out, and I have a pile of questionnaires to fill out myself and to distribute to other relevant parties. So, if you know a kid with ADHD or are an ADDult yourself, feel free to chime in with positive suggestions. The kid definitely needs some coping tools and some impulse control. He’ll be super scary when he gets focused!

Resolution Update

  1. I am publishing this post on Saturday as I promised. Check.
  2. No progress on the DNA Scarf, and none to speak of on the blanket squares either.
  3. I must have thrown something out….
  4. I’m current with my homework for Precalculus (and still looking for how to access the homework file for Astronomy).
  5. I did a quick weigh-in this morning on the Wii after not working out all week (except for burning 450 calories a minute by gripping the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white and my fingers locked up). I’m down a bit but didn’t make my incremental goal. Time to set a new goal and keep drinking the green tea.

Alcatraz update: I DVRed the show and watched it closely for two hours, but didn’t pick up on where Lydia’s song was. Ben says it’s in the gun-shop sequence, so I’ll have to watch it again and crank up the sound. I do kind of like the show. Thanks to everyone who watched the show, mentioned it to other people, or shared the video of Lydia performing “How Many Women.” Every little bit helps, and sometimes they turn into big bits.

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  1. I have a husband and a now-22-year-old son with ADD. Neither is at all hyperactive, but the attention deficit is present in spades. Do not fight the prescription — it may work wonders. You would not reject meds for diabetes or high blood pressure; ADD is a medical condition, too.

    As far as I know, the only definitive diagnostic test for ADD is some kind of scan that measures blood flow in various areas of the brain. Those with ADD have reduced blood flow to certain areas that control higher functions. My husband is a psych nurse who has specialized in child and adolescent psych, so when we suspected our son had ADD he did a LOT of research.

    One strategy that worked for us was to use the oven timer: 20 minutes of work (whatever it was), then 10 minutes of free time. Adjust the times as necessary.

    There are a lot of books about ADD. I read “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?” and some others. Research does not support the widely held idea that sugar makes kids hyperactive, but some find that dietary changes can help. Look for peer-reviewed studies, not something written by some guy with an agenda.

    Good luck. My husband read something to me awhile ago that he had found concerning having a spouse with ADD. I can’t quote it exactly, but the gist was that such a marriage would have some frustration but would never be boring. I can attest to that.

  2. Knitting…. what is that?

    And as far as Jack goes – it probably won’t hurt to see what happens. The way I understand the meds is that if it’s the wrong kind and/or there is actually no problem, the meds won’t “work” and will do the opposite of what you are going for. While I know the meds get pushed way too often (Savannah’s 1st grade teacher wanted me to get her checked, but she had no issues other than being scatterbrained, so I declined!), I also know that some kids/adults can benefit. Good Luck!

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