Progress on Aisle 2

The first week is going well…. I finished a WIP on January 4, then created a blog page for my finished works of 2012 so I could document it there.

I do realize that pages don’t exist for anything I completed in 2011, 2010, and actually the end of 2009…. but that’s not important right now. If I get the flu or break my leg or something and suddenly end up with lots of free time I may copy those words and pictures over from Ravelry. Then again, I might not.

The finished work in question is a hat of my own design. It was started on a circular needle, so even though it took me two sets of DPNs to finish it off, it actually only liberated a single needle. Humph.

Jamie's MIL's Freakin' Hat

Completing that project gave me psychic permission, if you will, to cast on for something else I’ve been wanting to do for a while — the DNA Scarf. As it happens, the Scientific Knitters group on Ravelry decided to have a knitalong for this pattern and all derivations of it. Other people have turned it into hats or socks, but I’m going to play it straight as much as possible.

I got off to a rocky start. I’m using some pseudo-vintage Blue Sky Alpaca yarn, three skeins from the orphan table at Knitch of Delafield. And you start out with 8 rows of seed stitch (The Bane Of My Existence) on size 2 needles. I got four rows in, realized I had committed an error I did not know how to fix, and had to take it off the needles, wind off the yarn, and start over again. The second time I finished the 8-row section of seed stitch, and am now “ready” to start knitting with larger needles and work the real pattern, which includes 5-stitch borders of seed stitch on each side, mirrored mini-cables on each side, and the 20-stitch, 38-row Double Helix pattern. No sweat.

In fact, I did my first repeat of the pattern last night at Late Night Knitting at The Sow’s Ear. The seed stitch border turns out the be the easy part. There was much raising of blood pressure during the first few rows, but eventually it got easier. One thing I did discover is that I no longer know how to do left twist mock cables. But for this project I will settle on doing the same technique consistently, because I am NOT going to start this over and redo it. If I muck this up so badly that I have to frog it, I swear that the yarn will become Something Else. (And, oh, Note To Self: put in a lifeline now.)

DNA Scarf - 1 repeat

If I run into problems while I’m working on this new project, my evolving Rules of Play state that I may work on the next WIP or any long-term project I have on the needles. Considering that I have two Doctor Who scarves on the needles and another one planned, I think it’s safe to say I’ll always have something to make steady progress on. BUT, I cannot cast on for a new project until the current “new” project becomes a “finished” project.

In other news, we discovered this:

Dark Fudge Chocolate Chip Kettle Corn

Oh, my goodness gracious. This does not bode well for trying to lose 30 pounds, but it’s not the kind of thing one eats every day.

Anyway. I haven’t weighed in again yet, so I don’t have progress to report there. UPDATE: I did a 20 minute free run on the Wii Fit Plus for 4.233 miles, and at weigh-in (before the run) I had lost 1.5 pounds since Wednesday.

Since January 1
Saturday blog posts: 1 of 1
WIPs completed: 1
Needles liberated: 1
Clutter reduced: took 1 bag of books, and 2 bags of clothes, to the thrift store. Filled one cubic-yard box of sheets and blankets to take to the thrift store next week.
Grades: school hasn’t started yet
Pounds lost: 1.5

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  1. YAY! Bethie’s back! The DNA scarf is crazy making at first, but once it clicks it’s fine. (Hint: on the ‘wrong’ side…just knit the knits and purl the purls in the chart rather than trying to read the damn thing!) That popcorn looks yummy. If you get tired of chocolate, I have a lemon glaze recipe that’s to die for. It starts with a candle lit dinner…

  2. OK, I’m Inspired. I’m almost afraid to peek at my own blog….maybe if I sneak up behind it? And Bethie — ignore MollyBee. She makes lemon glaze for nefarious purposes.

  3. Ooh, the DNA pattern. I intended to put that on the back of one mitten of a pair for my med student son and a caduceus on the other, but the latter pattern flummoxed me about halfway through. The person who designed the caduceus for me has volunteered to finish them; the big decision facing me is should I have her make two mittens the same? or just one, and I will do the DNA one. Decisions…

    Love the hat! It looks warm and fuzzy and cute and comfy.

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