2012 Finished Projects

Project #2012-1

4 Jan 2012 — Today I finished “Jamie’s MIL’s Freakin’ Hat.” This project has a particularly odd history. Last year I knitted a hat for my son Tommy’s bus driver, who also happened to be one of my coffee-shop friends. I got started on hers quickly, but stalled out when I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to do the crown decreases. Jamie started nagging me to find out when her hat would be done, and instead of being able to give it to her in the winter I got it done just in time for summer vacation. So, she was wearing it, and her mother-in-law said, “I want one of those, but in these other colors, and add four more stitches.” Okay…. So I started it in December and hoped to get it done before Christmas, but that didn’t happen. It’s done now and I should be able to give it to her tomorrow.

Needles: US 7. Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Black and Natural Mix (beige). Pattern: my own, should I write it up?

Needles liberated: 1.
Total for 2012: 1 needle liberated.

Jamie's MIL's Freakin' Hat

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