Just in time for Christmas

Believe it or not, I’ve been finishing my knitting projects lately. I just can’t prove it because my computer alternately believe it is (a) out of memory and cannot, just cannot, process one more byte of information, or that (b) the 300 bazillion gigabyte hard drive is full and cannot, just cannot, hold one more file or accept one more photo from the digital camera. Some of this is truth, and some is a pack of low-down dirty lies.

So. For everyone who is filling out the Chocolatesheep dance cards, you can punch “Mystery Knitting” as finished.

Next I proceeded to cast on for a cabled wine bottle cozy that was really fun (and funny) knitting. The only problem I ran into was that when I really got into a groove with the knitting, I didn’t trust myself that I had properly reset my Luddite row counter (8-sided D&D die). That project was on a 24-hour hold at one point because I wasn’t sure whether or not it was time to cross the cable. But I took a deep breath and went Onward and Upward and finished it. I think it’s pretty cute, and I’m open to making more.

Then I really got Knitter’s Block. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what I should knit — I knew exactly what I needed to cast on for. But for the whole weekend I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I found some leftover dishcloth cotton and a pair of single-points in a project bag left over from the Zoom pattern (reusable Swiffer cover). I scanned my Ravelry queue and found the EXFOLIATE! pattern for a washcloth featuring a Dalek. I started this on Sunday night and worked right up to where the bobbles started, then paused until Monday morning and worked through to the end. The kids were so thrilled with it that I had to promise them I would dig out my Dalek gingerbread cookie kit and we would make Dalek cookies. I need to make the dough this morning.

Then the ice was apparently broken, and yesterday afternoon I finally cast on for the felted bag project I’d been putting off for weeks. The wool was wound, the pattern found — just didn’t have the appropriate mojo, I guess. I got all the way through half of Row 5 when I heard shrieks from upstairs and had to set it down.

The four-year-old had “fallen” off the eleven-year-old’s bed and cut his scalp and was bleeding all over his forehead. He also managed to smack his nose so hard that his skin split in several places, but it didn’t actually bleed out. I got the bleeding stopped, consulted by phone with the pediatric nurse, and cancelled our plans to attend the scout pack meeting so I could keep an eye on Humpty Dumpty. He’s acting very much like himself and seems fine. Unless you lift his bangs, all you can see are the red marks on his nose (though he may develop a shiner in the next few days — better give his preschool teachers a heads up). When you do lift his bangs, it looks like he took a shot from a crack Mob sniper, perfectly centered and two inches above his eyes. Sheesh.

So, no pictures, and not even a thousand words. But I’ll keep knitting away and playing “IT Professional: The Home Game” and see what I can do to provide some proof.

For future reference, I bought some Swarovski crystals for the borders of the blue and green alpaca scarf, and a friend gave me an edging pattern to try. And I found the Adipose project bag yesterday, though I’m under strict orders from the six-year-old not to even attempt to watch that episode of Doctor Who unless he is in school at the time. Partial parthenogenesis kind of bothers him (i.e. reduces him to shrieking terrors). Too bad, because my daughter (who turns eight tomorrow!) finds the Adipose utterly charming.

That brings the WIPs number back up to seven, and I also need to knit at least a pair of slippers for my grandmother. Those will be quick, but I really need to remember to take a picture of them this time, even if I won’t be able to share it right away.

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