The Shortest Yard

Then there were seven.

Last night I utterly dedicated myself to finishing 198 Yards of Heaven. To translate, that means I really wanted to finish my toque, but Dale-Harriet was held up doing “other” fun things besides knitting and wouldn’t be to Knit Night until, well, later.

I told myself I’d just do a few rows until she showed up with the toque yarn.

I pulled the lace project out of its bag, looked at it carefully, and realized the removable purple tape I’d used to mark the pattern row had fallen off.

I asked the Sow’s Ear staff to pull up my Ravelry project listing on their computer so I could see what row I was on, and realized I hadn’t been very specific about that lately.

However, I had been kind enough to leave a cyber-note to myself that the stitch count was now accurate, and that was enough for me to be able to resume work.

Then I knit and knit and knit. Six long rows of pattern. Six more rows to the ending. Four rows that made an eyelet row and a row of 1×1 ribbing.

And then it was eleven o’clock at night. Time for the store to close, and not enough time to work a lace bind-off with what I was beginning to believe was not enough yarn.

“Just buy some more,” someone suggested. Well… that wasn’t possible, since the yarn I used for this project were the only two remaining skeins of it, purchased from this very store at least two years ago. 200 yards of it, for a pattern titled “198 Yards of Heaven.”

So I packed everything up, and turned a 60 minute drive home into a hair-raising, no-caffeine-needed 90 minute drive home in the first snow of the season. The roads weren’t slippery, really, it was just that I couldn’t see them, or very much of them, most of the time. That’s all.

This morning I ordered the children to watch television (it’s a rough life, but they woke me after four full hours of sleep and I wanted to reward them somehow) while I took the project into another room to bind it off.

I carefully measured my remaining yarn before starting the bind-off row, and I had 7 yards. Surely, seven yards would be plenty for working a four-foot edge.

(You already know the answer, don’t you?)

But you don’t know the solution — I used the yarn leftover from the first skein of yarn, which I had made into a little bobbin with a twist-tie.

Ha ha ha, one more project finished, and I have three whole yards left over from the 200! 198 Yards of Heaven, my ass! More like 197! Bwahahahahaaaaaaa!

And after I bribe the digital camera with some new lithium batteries, it will release my photographs and I will insert them in the appropriate positions in this post.

P.S. Dale-Harriet DID bring the matching yarn. You’re next, toque!

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  1. You are on a roll, woman! 🙂 That shawl is beautiful! I’ve been eyeing that pattern myself…wonder if there are 198 yards of anything over here… runs off to check stash

    • Warning, do not attempt this pattern before reading ALL notations and comments to every project on Ravelry that has been made (or attempted) from it. It has recently been revised, but the version I followed is a real butt-kicker that just happens to leave out several Key Facts One Needs To Know Before Starting.

  2. So many posts lately – I’m delighted! And I’d be delighted with that shawl, too; it’s beautiful! After reading of your travails, I may be too scared now to ever attempt it, but I can sure admire it from afar….

    P.S. I quoted you in my blog post yesterday. 😉

    • I saw your link to my blog, and I followed it back. Thank you — and my, but you got a beautiful prezzie!

  3. The shawl is gorgeous. You keep inspiring me to master knitting lace.

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