Eight to go

Whew! I just finished some very satisfying mystery knitting that I can pop in the mail tomorrow to a cyberfriend. Yes, I knit for people I’ve never met in person — does that seem strange? Believe me, it’s just as easy to tell online if someone’s knitworthy as it is to figure out in person that they’re not.

But the best way to discern if someone is worth knitting for is to know that they’re a knitter themselves. Oddly enough, people who knit don’t often receive handknits from others. It’s strange because they’re the people most likely to appreciate such a gift of time, materials, and love. Maybe they don’t get handknits because people assume they’ll be picky about the fiber or the level of craftsmanship. Maybe they assume it would be pandering, or that the recipient could (and would prefer to) make the item better themselves.

In reality, knitting gifts for people can be an extremely one-sided affair. Especially that first Christmas after you learn to knit, when everyone you’ve ever met is most likely to receive an enthusiastically knitted item such as a coaster, washcloth, or other vaguely square item. You’re so thrilled with your newfound abilities that you’re especially vulnerable to criticism, rudeness, or even lack of comment. (The second holiday, you’ll have worked out a much shorter list of people to knit for.)

Anyway, for my fellow-knitter cyberfriend, here’s a peek at what he’ll soon receive in the mail at his new home.

That leaves eight unfinished projects, and I have my sights set on finishing that toque next.

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