To the left, in the shadows

I’m still here and still knitting. I have been finishing projects, but not remembering to take pictures of them. I have been wanting to start some new projects, but I really should take care of the current lot that’s been hanging around for a while.

Here are the Notorious Nine (as seen on Ravelry):
1. Mystery knitting for a friend — might be able to finish this weekend.
2. Million Dollar Blanket — a long-term project for myself that will take at least another year. It will be a pieced blanket with 225 garter-stitch squares.
3. Vulcan gloves — intended as a Christmas present, but we’ll see. I’m about half done with the first one.
4. Toque — waiting for the rest of the wool, then it will be a quick finish for a gift to myself.
5. 198 Yards of Heaven — 26 rows to go, but each one needs concentration. I can only work on this in good light under the right social circumstances. Places where I need to refill juice cups don’t count.
6. Tilting Tardis Scarf — this is an adaptation of a wonderful cowl pattern. I put this on hold before July’s “Mitten Madness” and haven’t restarted. It should be simple to do after 198 Yards. However, I don’t have very much of it done.
7. Tyrone Sweater — no comment.
8. Sapphire Scarf — Good car and TV knitting. I have been plugging away on this recently, but it’s sock yarn on US4 needles, so it might never really end. For myself or whatever, no deadline.
9. Adipose — Poor thing just needs to be stuffed and Kitchenered. It’s adding the eyes and “nose” that have me stymied. It’s been waiting for me for about, what, two or three years now?

Gah. No wonder I am craving new projects.

As far as Christmas knitting goes, only my mother and my future sister-in-law have asked for anything specific. Everybody else gets cookies, which I hope won’t be much of a letdown. Life’s too short to knit for people who don’t appreciate your time and love.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. Good to “hear” from you!

  2. ppssstt… put Tyrone out of your misery – he’s too small now. I think if you’ve neglected a project for more than 2 years, it never really existed.

    Look at that, you only have 8 now! 🙂

  3. Amen! I’ve quickly discovered who is “knit worthy” and who is not.

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