Only 100 rows

I finished the purple hat to go with Colleen’s gloves. See?

And I have been chugging along on the Doctor Who Scarf, until I now have just five stripes left to knit — 100 rows. Because I’ve been knitting in my ends as I go whenever switching colors, I won’t have that to do at the end of the work. I have just two ends to weave in from where I joined a new skein of brick red in the middle of a stripe, and the end left over after I bind off. Then it’s just cutting and attaching the fringe, and it’s all done.

I haven’t bothered to measure it for months. The only way I can knit on it is to keep it all rolled up and have it on my lap while I knit. It’s too big to work on in the car, and not especially portable anywhere else.


I just might time it so I can finish the main knitting at The Sow’s Ear this Friday night. That’s worth ringing the bell for!

Then, of course, it will be time to knit Jack’s and Tommy’s hats, start a tocque for myself, and finish all the lace and/or wristwarmers I’ve got going. I discovered a German knitting designer the other day who has a bunch of beautiful lace patterns up on Ravelry, and a handful of them are free. (download, download, download, print print print) Her name is Birgit Freyer and her site is — “Knitting Delights.” She does publish charted patterns rather than line-by-line directions, so be advised. But oh my goodness, it’s lovely stuff.

UNWIND registrations are over 50 now. Keep those forms coming in, don’t wait until the last minute! (Which would be September 1.)

Oh yeah — I dubbed the blue and green alpaca sock yarn scarf as my Official Car Knitting. I had it with me yesterday on the way to a family party. As long as I can remember to cap the needles so the whole project doesn’t slide off, and I can keep from snapping the needles, I’m good. And as long as I don’t get impatient. I really wanted a lacier look for this scarf, and should have used much larger needles. But there’s no way in hell I’m ripping it out at this stage. Consider it a lesson learned for the next scarf made with sock yarn. This one looks lovely at the gauge it’s in. It’s just going to be done when it’s done and that’s the best I can do.

So, what’s your Endless Project? How do you motivate yourself to keep plugging away at it?

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  1. I’ve never started an Endless Project, maybe because I know there’s no good way to motivate myself sufficiently!

  2. My endless projects always seem to be second socks. I recently learned how to make two socks at a time on a long circular so I’ll be switching to that from now on. In the meantime I just try and remind myself that when I finish that second sock I’ll have a pair that I can wear and keep my feet warm. Other mindless projects are usually scarves. I enjoy working on them while watching t.v. or waiting at doctor’s offices or the auto shop.

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