A wrench in sheep’s clothing

Leave it to my dear daughter to bring my mitten momentum to a screeching halt.

Well, anyway, I cast on July 17 and got a good start on the cuffs. This is much nicer yarn than I used for the last pair of mittens, and it’s much thicker, so it didn’t take long to make three inches of ribbing. By the evening of July 18 I had done everything except the thumb! See????

Click to biggify; the bright green line of yarn is a provisional area that allows you to pick up stitches later and knit the thumb, like so:

And here I sit, trying to figure out how best to pick up stitches on the “sides” of the thumb better than I did on the fingers, where I have some gaping holes to deal with. But there are plenty of more experienced and highly skilled knitters at my local group, and surely someone (BONNIE! JAN! LOIS! SHARON!) might be able to give me some suggestions.

Of course, with that tiny problem solved, the bigger problem will have the opportunity to emerge. YOU know what it is.

All together now —

“Creating an exact copy in a mirror image.”

Yup. But we’ll cast on those stitches when we get to ’em.

In less knitterly and more spinnerly news, UNWIND registrations have hit 10 percent of the goal. Yes, that means 20 people have signed up. But keeping in mind that would have been 20 percent of last year’s attendance, and 50 percent of the 2008 attendance — that’s pretty good. The publicity machine is still being oiled, so watch out once it gets going! And don’t feel shy about becoming part of the publicity machine. (It won’t bark, bite, or even prick your finger with a spindle.) If you’re going, spread the word. Tell your friends. Rave to your LYS owner. Enlighten the poor clerk at the chain craft store.

And if you’re still planning to go but haven’t registered yet, don’t put it off! Knowing accurate numbers as we get closer to the party date will help everything go more smoothly. (And there’s still that Early Bird drawing if you register before July 31.)

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