Drop it!

Mitten Four got stalled out for a while. I thought I was making great progress yesterday, then I looked a little more closely and saw some problems about an inch below where I was.


It was about twelve rows down and looked like a dropped stitch. Should I tink five rounds of stockinette, then an increase round in 2×2 rib, then goodnessknowshowmany rounds of 2×2 rib before I found the problem?

Or….. since I did know where the problem was….. on the last stitch of the round….. wouldn’t it make more sense to just drop it and ladder it back up with a small crochet hook?

I put it off as long as possible carefully considered my options for about twelve hours. Which ticked me off, frankly, because I had to put a different project in my bag when I went out. Not that I would have time to knit anyway, since I would be driving and shopping with two little boys and wouldn’t have a spare moment anyway, but still. I wanted to be primarily monogamous with Mitten Madness, and this little dilemma was, clearly, Getting In The Way Of Progress.

I shopped, I returned, I mulled things over a little more. Finally I had a beer and felt emboldened to drop the stitch. Then I let the naughty thing think about what it had done, and took my time getting out the crochet hook.

And you know what? It took me less than a minute to fix the sucker. Since the dropped stitch was in the purl section of the 2×2 rib, all I had to do was turn the cuff inside out and — presto! — it was on the knit side, where I knew just what to do to bring the stitch back up. When I got to the stockinette section, I turned the cuff right side out again, brought the loose stitch to the outside, and kept bringing it up.

Then I had a few extra seconds to stare at my project with doubt that I had truly fixed it in that short of a time.

But it looks as if I have. Whaddaya know.

You know what that means — Photo Shoot!

Next step, the thumb gusset.

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  1. I just did some mending on Wednesday – took a grand total of 30 minutes. That mending has been sitting on my dresser for about a month. So… this post made me laugh. Reminds me of myself. 🙂

    Glad to know that I’m not the only one

  2. You conquered!!! Hurray for you (and you just proved what my mom always told me, that the dread and procrastination of something is always worse then just doing it. She coulda given Nike its slogan!)

  3. Well done you! I actually think it’s kind of fun to pick up a dropped stitch with a crochet hook. (I know. That sounds so wrong, even to me.)

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