Mittens ahoy

Mitten Madness got off to a great start this weekend.

July 1: Locate pattern, needles, and yarn.
July 2: Knit first mitten and start second mitten.
July 3: Finish second mitten and start third mitten.
July 4: Continue third mitten, realizing that I am working with fingering weight acrylic/nylon instead of worsted weight wool, adjust gauge accordingly, and keep plugging away.

I said it was a great start, not a perfect ending. But it feels good to know that I’m already into the second pair of mittens. They really are very quick projects, and if I can keep the momentum going I can start on some wristwarmers I’m planning as Christmas presents.

Psst! Here’s the honest trust about Mitten One.

No issues until it was time to add 4 stitches at the end of the ribbing. For some reason I decided to add M1’s in purl sections. They made holes, but I was so thrilled at being able to knit plain for four rounds with big needles that that’s what I did. Then I tinked four plain rounds and the last ribbing round, did kf&b increases in the knit sections the way I should have in the first place, and all was well.

Anyway, the pattern I’m using for the plain mittens is Fittin’ Mittens by Nancy Lindberg. It cost me about five dollars and since I can’t even remember how many pairs of mittens I’ve already made from it, I surely have gotten my money’s worth out of it. It’s a gauge-based pattern, so you can use it to make any size mittens out of any size yarn. I have slightly modified the thumb gusset instructions because I like my kf&b’s much better than my M1’s. As with anything in knitting, your mileage may vary.

Here are Tommy’s mittens for this winter. He wants them to be Blue’s Clues mittens, so I will be duplicate stitching a pawprint onto the back of each one. It might be cuter to do them on the palm side, though.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice something very special about this pair of mittens — they are the same size. I even counted the rows (since it seems to make a difference). Who knew?

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  1. Just how many pairs do you have to make?

  2. Amy, I have four kids to make mittens for, plus a pair for myself. Husband says he doesn’t need any.

  3. Well, that’s definitely do-able isn’t it? After all, you’re already 30% done! You just might have them completely done by the end of July at the rate you’re going. 🙂

  4. I made a Blue’s Clues birthday cake for Nicholas – about 10 years ago! How time flies!

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