Let the games begin!

It’s Mitten Madness!!

After last year’s failed attempt to make timely mittens for everyone in the family, I decided to adjust my game plan. Waiting until people actually need mittens does not grant enough time to make a pair for everyone. There’s also the problem of Christmas knitting backing up into the early fall knitting schedule.

“Hmm,” I thought, “I should have made these mittens in July.”

The more thought I gave it, the more sense it made. Mittens are pretty quick projects, and unless you’re making woolen gauntlet-length versions, they’re too small to ever even hit your lap. (And I made the Dragon Scale Gauntlets last year, so we already have those.) You wouldn’t want to knit a woolen afghan in the summer, but a little mitten? Or even a big mitten? During a road trip in an air-conditioned car? No problem!

I cleverly told all my friends about my plan to knit all the family mittens in July, and they’re ready to call me on it.

Now. I didn’t say that mittens would be the only thing I would knit. So you may see me working on one of a few different projects, such as the ill-named 198 Yards of Heaven shawlette, or my Tilting TARDISes Cowl (which I’m making as a scarf due to neck-based claustrophobia issues), or the Doctor Who Scarf for my brother…. you get the picture.

But the mittens will have priority, and I’ll strive to provide a progress shot every time I publish a new blog post.

First up: “Blue’s Clues” mittens for Tommy.

In other news, this year’s Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival Saturday Night Afterparty has been cleverly renamed “UNWIND.” The cost is just $10 per person and includes a professionally cooked hors d’ouvres buffet. Remember last year’s party on the Festival grounds? How the doors were open for air and let in the flies? How everything smelled like sheep? How we had to put away our own folding chairs? How some people’s cars got accidentally locked in the parking lot? Well. THIS year the party is being held at the ballroom of the JC Plaza Hotel and Conference Center (formerly the Johnson Creek Comfort Suites). We are going to be all fancy schmantzy and even have access to a cash bar. Bring your wheel, bring your needles, show off your purchases, maybe win a door prize.

Here is where you can download your reservation form!

Any questions? About anything? Comment away!

It’s good to be blogging again.

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  1. UNWIND sounds like fun – too bad I live in Louisiana!

    Good luck on making all your mittens. 🙂

  2. Glad to have you back in blogland! We’re not dressin up or anything all fancy schmancy for UNWIND though – right?? lol

    • Oh, no fancy dress-up. I don’t do fancy dress-up.

      But I am sure there will be the usual “knitter/spinner Show and Tell” during which everyone will be wearing their most complicated and beautiful projects. What would a yarny meetup be without Show and Tell?

  3. >>or my Tilting TARDISes Cowl (which I’m making as a scarf due to neck-based claustrophobia issues)
    Oooh, I have neck issues too! I cannot stand anybody touching my neck (sometimes not even myself) and turtle necks are the work of the devil. Funny enough, I really like cowls, as they provide me with “protection” without touching my neck too much. But I can totally understand how they can be claustrophobic too.

    • Also, damn, the “>>” to make quotes as in Ravelry doesn’t work!

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