Mike fright

Wow, you *are* out there! I took a look at my blog stats just now, and my views jumped from an average of 5-30 a day to 150 hits yesterday.

Today’s post title comes from the episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati” when DJ Johnny Fever realizes people are actually listening to him, and he becomes too scared to go on the air.

I’ll try not to do that. But I am flattered as all get-out that there are that many people out there curious as to what I might write. I’ll try to make it worth your while.



I have lots of Christmas knitting on the needles. My brother asked for his own Doctor Who scarf for Christmas, so that’s no secret that I’m working on one. But it might be his birthday (May) or next Christmas before it’s done. Sorry, Ben.

I’m also working on a few more pairs of cotton slippers, an Everlasting Bagstopper, and a shawl for me.

This shawl. Anyone remember the black-and-blue wool-silk blend I was using ages and ages ago to make another Irish Hiking Scarf? I finally realized it was way too heavy for a long scarf, and the colorway was obscuring the cables. So I frogged the whole thing (and there was much rejoicing) and started a Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl. It’s a free Ravelry pattern, which I found by searching my specific yarn to see what other knitters had made with it. I was trying to get a few rows done on it every day for a while, but I’ve missed a few days lately. At any rate, it’s for me, so it’s being done somewhat in the background until all the giftknits are finished.

Thanks again for reading and commenting and sticking around to see what I do. It’s so nice of you!

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  1. Of course they peaked! We like you!
    The Feather and Fan comfort shawl looks beautiful and comfy, so I hope it pans out.

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