What on earth is Beth making?

I started a project with the kids this afternoon. It will take us several days to finish.

The only clue I’m giving right now is that there will be four identical products when we are done. If you can guess what I’m making, you’re such a geek that I will make a very nice one for you, too.

Here is a picture of Stage One:

Stage One

Stage One

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

July 11 update — we have a winner! I am making four sets of SOMA cubes. There is a cool site about these puzzles here, and here is the Wiki page.

And here is what I’m making. Not all of the necessary pieces were visible in Stage One, so I’m extra impressed that anyone guessed correctly at that stage.

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  1. Hmm.Woven placemats of some kind, I’m guessing?

  2. BZZZZZT! Sorry, that’s not it.

  3. A wooden Rubik’s Cube?

  4. Ooh! Danielle is close but still incorrect. BZZZZZT.

  5. All I can think of is a cutting board where you glue to cubes together in the right shape.

  6. BZZZZZT! Good guess though. I could certainly make one with the leftovers.

  7. I count 88 little cubes. A piano keyboard?

  8. Wow, you counted right! Unfortunately, in this instance, 88 was just a red herring. BZZZZZT!

  9. Your making your own Jenga board??

  10. Oops! Jenga GAME

  11. Nope, not a Jenga game (BZZZZZT!!!), but you’re sort of in the ballpark.

  12. A puzzle block set with six different scenes on the faces of the cubes. As you turn over rows or columns, they magically change (happy memories of the Peter Pan set I had back in the ’50’s)

  13. Oooh, that’s clever! I’d like to make one of those sometime (imagine a different pretty yarn photo on each face), but this is not the time. BZZZZZT!!!

  14. A color puzzle: There are six colors, one face of each color on a cube and they are not in the same arrangement from cube to cube. The game is to arrange the cubes together so that each cube face matches the face of the cube it touches. I’m not sure where 22 comes into it, though; still working on that.
    Am I close?

  15. Nope, sorry Anne. BZZZZZT!

  16. Are you making a set of 4 Soma cubes?

  17. We have a WINNER!!!! Now you can sit back and watch it all come together while everyone else wonders what the heck we’re talking about.

  18. bummer, I am late.
    I would have guessed Quarto Game pieces anyway and lost. Love your future soma cube btw.:)

  19. Looks good! what’s a soma cube?

  20. Cool! Now I want to make one, too!
    Question: if you are making 4 complete cubes, doesn’t that take 27 pieces per cube? So you need to make more cubes?

  21. It does take 27 pieces per cube. I began construction by assembling only the two-piece subassemblies that were needed for each of the seven shapes. That’s why I thought nobody would guess what I was doing at Stage One — not all the of necessary pieces were shown.

    At Stage Two, five of the seven shapes will be complete, and more will be revealed.

    • Ah, gotcha! Cool contest and cool puzzles. Thanks! 🙂

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