Whew. I can’t believe it’s so far into July already. The first session of summer school is almost over, and lots of travel lies ahead this month before the Big Trip back to Ohio in August.

But some things are unclear. The first such thing is what’s up with Tyrone. I really did make a frontal assault at the poor stalled thing last Friday. I wove in all the ends I could, and it’s obvious that I got it on more needles than the one. If I recall correctly (and it’s quite possible that my recollections might be hazy) it’s on two 24-inch circular needles and two dpns. It didn’t seem to alleviate the stitch crowding, and it didn’t make my next step terribly clear. I want to get some thinking time in on it before I press forward. But I think I just need to do “whatever” to accomplish the raglan decreases.

I was never so happy to switch to sock knitting as I was last Friday night at 9pm! So I picked up Those Noro Socks and forged ahead. I’m on the foot now, so it’s no sweat. I worked on it late Friday night, some on the weekend, and even tried it on last night. At which point Mr. Beth said, “That looks like a clown sock” and described to me the hand-knitted sock he was visualizing all this time. It, um, doesn’t look at all like the sock that’s on the needles right now.

I could frog the whole sock if this yarn were the last skein of it in all the world, or I could finish this sock and make its mate. Hey, let’s vote!

No prizes today. Just share your wisdom.

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  1. Finish them and send them to me 🙂 9.25 inches, in case you’re wondering 😛

  2. Finish it! I think it’s great. Also, someday you’re going to think, “Boy, I wish I had a pair of wild-colored clown socks,” and then you’ll remember that you do. For added effect: don’t bother matching up the stripes on the second sock. 🙂

  3. Finish ’em! AND keep ’em.

  4. No No No……they need to be finished and popped away in MY sock drawer!

  5. DOn’t frog it, just because someone said it looks like a clown sock! what do they know? go on, finish it! we all anticipate pics of both socks, and I can tell those socks are just so comfortable .. . . . . mmmmmm. . . . . .

  6. Finish them and wear them with pride! Or wear them when you trying to annoy someone.. hehe

  7. Bethie! “Clown” socks? Mais NON! Those are…erhhmmm…RAINBOW socks. FESTIVAL socks. Mighty-FINE socks. Yes, finish them and keep them for sure. I do SO admire your sockifying, and I agree, don’t worry of the stripes match up. In fact, I think I might try a pair like that to wear with my high-top shoes and knickers under my hoops. No one but *I* will know!

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