Guest post: blankets for Double H Camp

OK folks, it’s time for another guest post. This one is from Shawn4Equality, who I met via Ravelry (natch). He’s Whoish and a Browncoat, and an awesome knitter. He’s gotten involved in a great knitting/crocheting project, and I ended up offering to either pimp my blog for his cause, or pimp him on my blog — I don’t remember which. Below are all the details. Take it away Shawn!


I heard through the blogosphere that there’s currently a blanket drive going on for the Double H Camp in Lake Luzerne, New York.

The Double H Camp (founded by Paul Newman) is a camp for kids with cancer and other life threatening diseases. They are requesting handmade blankets for approximately 900 kids this summer (that’s 900 blankets!). Blankets need to be anywhere between 48-60” wide and 60-70” long and they need the blankets by the end of July.

If you can knit or crochet a blanket, they can be sent to: Linda Dunbar, 12 Birch Drive, Latham, New York 12110.

Anyway, why am I writing?

When I saw the request, I immediately wanted to help. However, being a fulltime grad student with two jobs, I just don’t have the time to knit anything that size by the end of July. I went to my charity knitting group– The Amazing Flying Squirrel Karma Team (find us on Rav!), and I said, “I want to do this, but I can’t do it alone.”

I made a request for people to volunteer to knit a 12×12 inch square section of a blanket– either 1 12×12 square, or 4 6×6 squares. Luckily, people started volunteering. Now I’ve got the initial 20 squares I asked for (big enough for the smallest blanket size, IF everyone knits the number of squares they’re promised to knit. But! If I get more squares, the blanket can be bigger… and if I get many more squares, I can do TWO (and how amazing would that be– to have these kids wrapped up in blankets made by so many people who care about them!??!)

Would you like to help? Here’s my request:

You can either sign up to do a 12×12 square, or four 6×6 squares (or more than that– volunteer for two if you have the time).

Note: If you do 4 6×6, they don’t have to be all different, or even seamed together– I plan on mixing and matching them when they get here, if I have a lot that are the same. If you want to seam yours, though, go ahead!

Any stitch pattern or a mitered square would be fine. I would prefer something not too lacy, so use your discretion.

For yarns, I’m being pretty particular. For allergy reasons and for washability reasons, it needs to be acrylic. And since it’s likely that the children at this camp are going to be on chemo, it needs to be soft. I’m suggesting Caron Simply Soft, or Vanna’s Choice. The super-soft version of Red Heart is also okay, but please wash them if you use that yarn — if it gets to me and I feel that it’s not soft, I won’t seam it into the blanket. If it’s scratchy, it won’t do.

Oh, also, if you’re probably asking yourself, “what colour should I knit?” This is the palette I came up with for a starting point:,3a91b3d85743daa233c8b843986c90,0090e8ff0000c553b0ff8900ffd900

Chocolatesheep has offered to send volunteers yarn if they don’t have any but still want to help. The only thing is, and this is important, the deadline is VERY final — I have to have all the squares by the 15th of July at the absolute latest! Any later, and I won’t be able to have them seamed and sent in on time. And weaving in your ends would probably be helpful, too 😉

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, please email me at shawnaree at gmail. com or PM me on rav. My user ID is Shawn4Equality and I’ll put your name in a square (I’ve got a chart drawn out to keep track of the 12×12 sections) and let you know where you can send the squares.

Thanks for all your help!

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