Moral Imperatives

Last weekend I was talking with a friend about the progress of some of my current knitting projects.

“How’s that February Lady Sweater coming?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, “I had to finish up Logan’s Blanket, then I had to set aside everything else so I could work on this prayer shawl.”

“Ah,” she said sagely. “Sidelined by moral imperatives.”

I think that for the last six months that kind of sums it up. Every January I sit down and sketch out the projects I want to knit in the upcoming year. I love lists and plans, and it would be great to just be able to sit down and work the plan. But that’s never the way it goes.

Last fall I had started soliciting knitting patterns for a booklet I wanted to do. No sooner had I done that, than the whole Connor Caps project sprang up as something that had to be done. In the middle of it, of course, was Christmas knitting. (Not that anyone actually asked for me to knit them something for Christmas, mind you. We can only speculate how much more knitting I would have been doing had anyone actually requested a knitted item.)

This year was going to be different, yadda yadda yadda. I took up the mantle of a Christmas present that didn’t get done in time for last Christmas, and finished it (and a fraternal twin) for this Christmas. But then I started Logan’s Blanket and was still helping coordinate the other projects for Connor’s family.

Whew! I cast on a cool project for myself and finished it in time to wear it while the weather was still cold. But by then I was organizing a local knit/crochet group, which will have its first meeting tomorrow night. (You are coming to Yarn-a-Latte, aren’t you?)

The most recent moral imperative has been to knit a prayer shawl. My husband’s grandfather passed away at the age of 92 at the end of March, and his grandmother came into possession of a prayer shawl made by someone she didn’t even know. While she is very crafty indeed, knitting is not her “thing,” so she was extra impressed by the thought of someone creating such a comforting item for a stranger. Technically it’s a very simple project, but it meant so much to her that I decided to pay it forward by making a prayer shawl in her favorite colors, blue and white.

Then, last week, my former father-in-law had two heart attacks and died suddenly. And then I knew who I was making the prayer shawl for. I went stash diving, cast on, frogged what I had, re-thought the project, wrote out a pattern, cast on again, harvested the top-down sweater for the rest of the yarn, and have neglected the rest of my projects since last Tuesday. It’s a simple project, true, but the simplicity allows for a lot of meditation as the hands make the stitches. This shawl is full of prayers and happy memories and good thoughts. And though the rest of life does go on and need its own kind of attention, the other projects can wait a bit until the prayer shawl is done.

Then it’s time for starting another Doctor Who Scarf, and knitting a Christmas stocking in summer so I can publish a pattern in the fall. So it doesn’t get any more sane.

Un-knitwise, the kids all took turns getting sick over the course of a week and a half, but they’re mostly better. It doesn’t look like swine flu — cross your fingers. Tom turns out to be farsighted and will need glasses, which explains a lot. I’ve been getting some physical therapy for my hip, which has been locking up. I’m also waiting to hear about TV show renewals for Castle and Chuck. Usually I just watch the show and get mad when they cancel it, so my degree of involvement with “save my show” campaigns this time is a surprise to me. They’re both a lot of fun to watch, and I’ll miss them when they’re gone, whenever that may be.

And, of course, Yarn-a-Latte kicks off tomorrow night at Tan-a-Latte in Jefferson at 6pm tomorrow night. There will be a drawing! name tags! and coffee! (It has already been suggested that maybe I should not be having so much of the coffee.) Knitters I haven’t even met in person yet have been helping me distribute flyers across the county and a little bit beyond. All are welcome, even if you just like to sit and watch other people crochet. Nothing wrong with that!

I might even take my camera and remember to take pictures. And blog about it.

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  1. Such is the life of a big-hearted person. Go, you!

  2. Moral imperatives … gotta remember that one. Might come in handy to explain why the huband’s socks are not done, not like he doesn’t have enough already!

    Oh, and I love Castle, too!

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I often find that yarn I buy decides for itself what it’s going to be and that projects often have their own ideas of where they are going to go.

    Good for you for starting up a knitting group. I love my knitting family at my LYS more than they’ll ever know. Meg (the LYS owner) is starting a once-a-month potluck on the last Friday evening of every month, a time she’s usually not open. She’s calling it Knit-N-Knosh – bring something to eat and something to knit.

    Oh, and all I can say is that they darn well better renew Castle.


  4. I don’t think I’ll make it tomorrow night – we had five ewes lamb today and more look like they could go at any minute – that and Nicholas has a choir concert tomorrow night. Larry is sheep sitting and I am going to the concert! Hope the turnout is good for the first Yarn-a-Latte and I’ll get there sometime after the madness of lambing is done!

  5. My my, you have been busy! Hang in there! 🙂

    *coughcoughRavelrymeetupatWISheep&Woolthisyear??coughcough* oh sorry… didn’t mean to spread any more germs you way 🙂

  6. Hi Beth…

    Just wanted to comment on how great I think it is that you’re doing the prayer shawl. When my mom passed away in 2003, my pastor gave me one that one of the ladies from our church made, and it really did bring me a lot of comfort. My daddy passed away on March 27 and I knew that it was time to bring it out again. So I know that the person for whom you made your prayer shawl will certainly find comfort in it. God Bless You for doing it. Hope all is well with you.
    Take care,

  7. I love prayer shawls. Especially the meditative process. You go Girl! How was Yarn A Latte?

  8. Maybe your plan should be waiting to see what knitting throws at you. your plan should be maybe not to plan until you have the yarn. That’s what I do, and it seems to work. I don’t get everything done, because I’m only human, but at least I don’t have a stressful list. perhgas your plans should only be structured when making patterns, and for the rest of the time, just wait for the projects to come to you. (believe me, they will come!)

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