Help a knitter out

I can’t wait to show you how close I got to finishing a pair of socks in about three days.

This close!

Anybody out there who can send me 12 yards of Universal Deluxe Chunky Tweed in 06 Nottingham is officially my new best friend. My poor spiral rib socks are in hibernation until I can find a scrap of this yarn. Because I am not paying seven-something dollars for a full skein of it, plus four-something for shipping, when I only need 10 percent.

Oh, and God bless my eldest child, who suggested I unravel a little off the cuff so I could cut if off, graft it on to four-foot tail, and thereby make it to the toe. I hated the moment where I had to tell him it just doesn’t work that way. And I can’t even frog them to save an inch, because then they won’t fit. That first sock is a perfect snug fit to my foot.

Right now I’m trying to be exclusive to Logan’s Blanket. Just startin’ the third stripe now, boss. It’s not long enough to straighten out for a proper photo yet.

I also have a karma job to work on — someone on Ravelry finished a baby blanket with “a million ends” and I said “send it to me.” And she decided to! So I have a million ends of someone else’s project to weave in. She’s even paying the postage for me to ship it back to her. What a brave and trusting soul! I don’t know if she decided to go for it after she saw the project details on my 10’10” Doctor Who scarf and its million ends, but it doesn’t matter.

I say I’m going to be exclusive on Logan’s Blanket, but there’s still a wedding anniversary coming up and some Noro sock yarn that’s been marinating in the stash for waaaaaaay too long. A quick search of the Ravelry database tells you most people use Noro sock yarn for non-sock projects, and with good reason, but socks it shall be. Huh.

I just checked my Flickr account and apparently I’ve never even taken a picture of that skein. Is it because I don’t want the wool thieves to know I have Noro in the house? I took two different pictures of the Trekking XXL Zitron, for goodness’ sake.

Oh crap. Don’t tell the wool thieves! Now they’ll know I have Trekking.

My Lenten Lifestyle change is going well. From Wednesday until about ten minutes ago I had drunk nothing but water or tea. Ten minutes ago I decided to save an opened bottle of Merlot from becoming expensive cheap vinegar. Now I think I’d go rescue a little more. Wheresh that baby blanket.

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  1. How about unraveling the toe on the finished sock and put stylin’ different colored toes in both socks? Diva socks! Saturday afternoon knitting today!

  2. That’s why I always do toe up socks – 2 at a time!!

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