I wasn’t planning to write a post tonight, but I’m overdue, and besides, everyone is asleep. I might as well strike while the kids are sleeping. Who knows when one of them will have a nightmare and come running down the stairs? (I never know; without my glasses I can’t read the bedside clock. My daughter swears I lift the covers for her without even waking up.)

After the Marquette scarf got done and the first sock of the pair got done, not much knitting has been taking place. I started plugging away again on the Season 16 Doctor Who Scarf, but I haven’t cast on for the second sock yet. I was going to do that tonight, but then this German wine kind of got in the way of doing a good job of it. (Then I was going to watch two episodes of Torchwood, then one episode of Torchwood, but then it took forever to get caught up on Ravelry, so here I am.)

I did, however, cast on for a new project. That’s not as terrible as it sounds. It’s really something I promised as a Christmas present, so actually it’s about time I cast on for it. It’s a simple scarf, but I considered several stitch patterns before I found something I liked. And once I did, I loved it. I think I may have finally found a scarf that knits itself. I’m using the Baby Cable Ribbing pattern from the first Barbara Walker book. It’s an easily memorized four-row pattern that you could knit in the dark if you had to. I started the scarf two days ago, haven’t put in much time on it really, and it’s fairly galloping along. I don’t think it hurts that the yarn is 100 percent Merino either.

So. I have the Scarf, the Second Sock, and the New Scarf all going right now. (As soon as I get the Second Sock going, that is.) There’s another pair of socks lined up one the Retro Rib pair are done, but I promise that as soon as one of the Scarves is done I will start working on a WIP.

And you can vote on which one it is! Shall it be:

Tyrone, the striped bottom-up sweater stuck at the raglan decreases? Since October 2007?

The Irish Hiking Scarf in cursèd yarn from Mystical Creations? Three skeins (at least) to go!

The Gullwing Lace stole in silk yarn I bought for myself last Mother’s Day?

Or, the Denim Sweater I started in November for NaKnitSweMo and didn’t even finish the crew neck? I might have enough yarn for the whole sweater, but I’m not sure.

Every vote counts. Each commenter can cast as many as ten votes — all for one project, or split them up however you like. Clearly, my own inclinations toward the next project cannot be trusted.


In other news, I have registered for a spinning retreat being taught by Judith MacKenzie McCuin. Naturally, I am preparing for this by spinning up fiber that I am dealing with by the seat of my pants. This works fine for the Wookie fiber, which I would love to spin up and ply so I can clear off all my bobbins, but a few nights ago I decided to card and spin up some huacaya alpaca fiber samples. I got the majority of it spun, but then something happened with the take-up and the twist was just not getting into the fiber to make it strong enough to be singles. After a half dozen tries at dragging it back through the orifice to try to draft more fiber on it, I decided to leave it alone and finish when I was calmer. So now, I just hope to finish the huacaya, and prep and spin the suri samples, and possibly do the rest of the current bag of Wookie-wool before it’s time to hoist Maggie into the van and head to Columbus (Wisc.) for the retreat.

Is anything else going on? Well, Leah went home on Top Chef. About time. I am really getting to enjoy Fabio’s screen time, and Stefan’s skills.

Doctor Who is done airing the 4th season for the American audience, and true to form, they absolutely sliced and diced the season finale so they could promote Ashes To Ashes. Which even the Brits didn’t like. So if you watched the finale last weekend and wondered what all the fuss was about, ask me and I’ll give you links to where you can see what aired in the UK.

But Torchwood is coming back on soon, so I’m trying to catching up by watching Season 2 on Netflix. Trying and not succeeding tonight. Maybe tomorrow….


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  1. Is Tyrone still going to fit someone? Then that gets my vote, because the raglan decreases will just fly by.

    I’m at Madrona Winter Knitting Retreat, coming home tomorrow, and everyone keeps talking about Judith Mackenzie McCuin in hushed and reverential tones. Not only did she ‘write the book’, it sounds as though she’s a great teacher.

    Good luck on it all! You know, life, knitting and everything!

  2. Ooo! I vote for the Irish Hiking Scarf! I’ve got one one the needles too!

  3. Tyrone looks like it would finish up the quickest, so it gets my vote!

    Second vote goes to Irish Hiking Scarf, because I’ve knit one myself and it’s a barrel of fun, and so pretty when it’s done.

    Must consider votes 3 thru 10. 🙂

  4. I’m casting my primary vote for Tyrone. You’ll be decreasing stitches so there will be less knitting to do. My second vote goes for the Irish Hiking Scarf. I knit one in a few weeks before Christmas for my aunt and really enjoyed working on it. Of course I used alpaca yarn and it was so soft and lovely to work with that it made knitting all the more enjoyable.

  5. Coming back to see, and I think my semi-vote stands: if Tyrone will still fit someone, finish it, it will be so speedy and satisfying!

    (Then the IHS — just get’r done….and walk away from the yarn….)

  6. I vote for Irish Hiking Scarf first and finishing Tyrone when you need a break from that. Not that I’ve touched my needles in a time, myself…
    Heck yeah, Leah’s finally gone! Watching the new episode as I type.

  7. I vote for tyrone.. It’s decreasing after all!!!

  8. I vote for tyrone, instant gratification!

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