Disorderly conduct

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” — A. A. Milne, the January 18 quote on the Never Not Knitting daily calendar by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I finally have to admit that I am a disorderly person. (Any husbands present and past who may be reading my blog can skip this post. You already know this about me.)

In the last two days I made a couple of exciting discoveries. The first was that I found the baby-gift wrapping paper and extremely cute baby card I bought for Tommy’s teacher. This was five days after I had to wrap her baby present with other paper and make a different card. The important thing to remember is that in this instance I got the knitting done and the gift delivered on time. (In fact, the baby came this past Sunday.) It was on Tuesday that I discovered that my Special Secret place for the paper and card was, in fact, my Lantern Moon knitting bag.

In retrospect, this made sense. On the day I bought the paper and card, I also made a couple of stops for yarn. I must have tucked them in the bag to keep them from getting folded or crushed (they remain in excellent condition). Short Term Memory forgot to say a word about it to Long Term Memory, possibly distracted by the “all Seventies weekend” format of the radio station we were listening to in the car that day, and there you go. And now, if anyone has a baby anytime soon, I’m all set. Except for the knitting, of course. And that baby would have to be Soon, before I forget again where I put the paper and the card.

Still with me?

Tuesday was also when I discovered that my family was not yet done with Christmas. I was looking for my daughter’s hand-painted red, white, and blue T-shirt from summer school, since the kindergarteners were directed to wear red, white, and blue clothes to school on Tuesday, in honor of some Presidential Inauguration or something. (For more on the significance of this event, see here — I admired the pageantry of the occasion but don’t want to talk politics here.) So anyway, I was in an upstairs back closet where I keep things like Christmas decorations, hand-me-down kid clothes, quilt frames, extra bedding, sleeping bags, and the like. I opened a big blue plastic bin and saw….

Christmas presents. Nine unopened Christmas presents.


And now I remembered moving some of the early presents from in from of the master-bedroom closet to this upstairs closet so we could do things like open our closet. Not the we still can, but that’s beside the point. The point is that whoever wrote “out of sight, out of mind” knew exactly what he (she?) was talking about, and probably enjoyed as many exciting discoveries in their lifetime as I enjoy in mine.

Through a tremendous stroke of luck, there were two presents for each child, and one present for Mr. Chocolatesheep and myself (the very present I specifically asked for, and was feeling a bit irked about not having received).

So this evening, just after an early dinner of Spiderman macaroni and cheese (one word: avoid), the kids opened a new round of Christmas presents and were thrilled with everything.

I’m not sure why I can’t go through the plastic bins that hold my yarn stash and find a collection of mysteriously completed projects, but I’m working on building up my karma to increase the chances of this.

Whoever’s in charge of karma? Could you just do those raglan decreases on Tyrone? I swear I’ll do an excellent job on the crew neck band and even look up the Lily Chin invisible bind-off thingy from Knitty Gritty.

le sigh

Knitwise, after wasting three hours last night untangling a skein of yarn from the utterly botched frogging of a scarf that used the only skein of the Secret Project yarn available within forty miles….. I’m just happy to have gotten anything done today.

Personal Sock Club: I need to do about 5 more repeats on the leg of the first sock. I’m doing Retro Rib and it calls for 17 4-round repeats, but I’m worried my big feet will make me run out of yarn, so I’m going to do 15 repeats. Or maybe 14. We’ll see. Right now, at about 10, it would just look stupid. I hope it picks up speed when I get to the heel. I know I don’t have a snowball’s chance of getting the pair done by the end of the month, but it would be nice to have half the pair done.

Secret Project: I’m almost through the second third. Now that I have the yarn infusion I can (hopefully) steamroll to the end before the deadline of January 30. This is one of those “absolutely, positively must be done” kind of dates. It’s looking possible.

Doctor Who Scarf: This is the Season 16 Scarf I’m doing in yet more Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. I’m almost done with the first column of Chris Brimelow’s pattern, which is something like 330 rows. That’s doable tonight.

Honestly? I know I have a lot of UFO/WIP projects in the bins, but I’m not working on them. And I don’t plan to. There’s quite enough on my plate right now. (Mr. Chocolatesheep? Wave to me from San Diego if you’re reading this.)

Tonight is for Scarf knitting and sock knitting and Blackpool.

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