Finishing and starting

I finished my first Connor Cap — a beret for my daughter. What do you think?

Connor Cap Number One

Great, now I can’t remember how to insert the picture. I hope the day gets better than this.

Whew. How come every time free software gets updated it gets harder to use?


If one hat is done it’s time to cast on for the next. At the Connor Caps group on Ravelry I’ve been getting to see people’s finished hats, and we have group members representing twelve states and three countries, but since I have only seen the one hat that came off my very own needles I’m unjustifiably paranoid that we won’t get enough hats. Knitch has a copy of the flyer, as does The Sow’s Ear (I think), and I’ve been emailing them out to folks who are going to get their knitting groups in on the deal.

But I suspect I won’t see much in the way of other people’s hats until after we get back from our travels at Thanksgiving. That will certainly build suspense into the project. Will we have five? Will we have five hundred?

I’d better ignore the worries and get started on Hat Two.

There’s plenty of other things to do — finish the stocking, complete some other Secret Holiday Knitting, and do something, anything, even a couple of stitches on my NaKniSweMo project. It’s so off the radar it’s not funny.

I could also work out. My husband and I got a new digital scale last week and weighed ourselves. I was aghast that I weighed something I have never weighed before without being quite pregnant or very recently pregnant. Um, the baby is two and a half and I’m sitting and eating too much. So, I’m trying to get moving again. This morning on the Nordic Track I decided I could only let myself listen to podcasts while I was actually exercising. And I do love my Brenda Dayne and David Reidy and WhoCast and High Fiber Diet. So.

From last week to this week I lost exactly one pound, and I don’t want to see it again. Bye bye!

Connor starts his chemo/radiation regimen today. Send him strong thoughts!

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  1. Aww, the hat is adorable, and so is Snoopy! I cast on for Connor last night…and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of hats. 🙂

  2. Here there! Just finished one cap but couldn’t post it on the group for some reason. I’m next to amish with this computer stuff. I’m lucky to keep my blog afloat. Will post a pic of it on my blog in the next couple of days. Off to Michael’s for more yarn. I have a gift card from there doncha know!

  3. That cap is beautiful! I’m (sadly) not in a position to promise anything….but seeing the picture leads me to believe I may have those colors or some close variation thereof in my stash. I’m going to the Ear Tuesday and will look for the flyer. I AM down to the last 33 rows on my Dr Who, though! The NaNoWriMo is proving more time-consuming than anticipated, but so far I’m pretty much on track. And I am praying for young Conner, bless his heart. If Earnest Intent has aught to do with it, he’ll come through just fine! He has (thanks to you, m’dear) pretty heavy good vibes coming his way.

  4. I just adore the beret. I might have to make one now – and am definately hanging on to this pattern for future use. (Christmas presents to be exact!)

    I do have a girlfriend who is recruiting on our behalf – so if you see caps coming in from people you’ve never heard of don’t be surprised! 🙂

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