Hoping for 200 hats

Thanks to everyone here and on Ravelry who has already responded with prayers and promises of hats for Connor’s classmates. I really appreciate it.

I’ve corresponded with the school principal and she says 200 hats would be more than enough for every student and staff member, so please, if you can do a hat or more than one, they are all welcome.

The school is having a Hat Day on December 5, so if I receive your hats by December 1, we should be good. This day was already scheduled, but it would seem like a really good day to wear coordinating hats if they’re available.

I don’t have any more medical information about Connor to add to the dedicated page today. I wanted to start a hat for him today, but lo and behold I couldn’t find suitable yarn in the stash. (I know, I couldn’t believe it either.) It’s a wool overload in there, till I need wool anyway. But I have a couple of hours to myself tomorrow, and I do know where the reasonably close yarn stores are. So that should take care of that. I can cast on for a wool beanie (or beret, the Charmed Knits berets would be great for the girls) tonight for someone else, since I found some Cascade 220 in all the right colors in the stash.


Speaking of stash. I can offer up some very nice parts of it to a couple of hat contributors. One prize will be for the person who contributes the most hats; another prize will go to a name randomly drawn from all contributors — each person gets one chance regardless of how many hats they send. The actual prizes can be chosen from either sock yarn or worsted weight yarn. I’ll post pictures of eligible yarns soon!

Knitwise, it’s been hard for me to get my head straight on whatever else I’m supposed to be doing. I got some freelance editing done, I finished the Marquette blanket (except for ends), I started one quick Christmas project and made a little progress on another.

In fact I took a WIP to the polls with me, but there wasn’t a line when I went so I didn’t even have time to bring it out. I voted, I hope you did too, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

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  1. I ordered some Knit Pick Swish Worsted (superwash merino) today in the proper colors. So, if the teachers are going to wear the hats, are they going to shave their heads, too?

  2. I don’t know who might shave their heads. I have to stop in at school tomorrow, and I’ll ask about that. I have a feeling it will be mostly fourth-grade boys.

  3. […] non-political news, I urge anyone with a few hundreds yards and a bit of time to spare to contact Chocolate Sheep about some hats. One of her oldest son’s classmates has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  I’m […]

  4. i WORDLE’d you…
    go here:

    i kinda thought “chocolate” would show up more often… hehehe

    Hope you are well!

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