Wanted: 18 hats and a miracle

This isn’t good news, but I’m going to try to look at the positive and do what I can. I just read a principal’s letter telling me that one of my oldest son’s classmates, Connor, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 

I really don’t know much more than this — I know he’s been struggling since a mysterious illness during the summer, and I suppose this explains a lot of the struggle. Apparently this is an extremely rare form of cancer that only 400 people in the world have. I’m going to try to find out more.

I can’t tell you what a great kid Connor is. He hasn’t been able to continue with Scouts since he got sick, and I really miss him at the meetings. He’s one of those nice kids you can just talk to. Last year he gave up candy for Lent, which shows a strength of character I personally lack.

My son tells me (as I anticipated) that some of the boys in the class are preparing to shave their heads in support of their friend as he starts chemotherapy. I wanted to make Connor a chemo cap in the school colors, but I think I need the help of more and faster knitters to help the whole class.

Please, if you can make a child’s beanie in the school colors, I’d like to have enough for each child in the fourth grade class to wear one. If each cap could have cobalt blue and gray stripes and one gold stripe that would be fantastic. There are 10 boys and 8 girls.

If you don’t have a pattern or a size, I recommend using the House Hat pattern from Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel. Either the small or medium size would work.

If you can knit a hat and get it to me by December 1, God bless you! Please leave a comment and I’ll email you back with mailing information. If I get a blizzard of hats, I’ll let the school distribute them to whoever wants one.

If you can’t knit a hat, please pray for a miracle for Connor. If you’re Catholic, know that the fourth grade class has selected the Venerable Father Samuel Charles Mazzachelli, awaiting elevation to sainthood, as the particular intercessor.

But every prayer counts.

UPDATE: I’ve created a new page here called “Connor Caps.” Information about Connor and the plan to cover the school in coordinating caps will be put there as I have it. Please spread the word — we can’t have too many hats.

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  1. I would love to make a hat. Ae you on ravelry? If you are, please leave me your contact info there. I am “slipping” on Ravelry. If not, leave a message on my blog and I will send y email address to you. I just hate to put it on the web. Thanks, Dianne

  2. I’ll try to make a hat or two for the kids. Good for them for their support of Connor.

  3. I will pray for a miracle for Connor, his family, the classmates and their families, and the caregivers. Keep us informed.

  4. You know I’m sending a couple of hats! And a big batch of love and positive thoughts to Connor and his family and friends.

  5. Praying for a miracle, and MORE than willing to send hats… Please send them our love!

  6. My sis (slipping on ravelry) just told me about Connor. I will be praying for him and his family and all of his classmates during his battle. I also want to make a hat but in stash i only have light blue and light gray. is that ok? my name on rav is rebeccawip. those are some beautiful kids who are showing such solidarity with Connor and I am so glad you’re doing this incentive. God bless you and your family and little Connor.

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