Late night knitting at home

Thank you, economy. Due to gas prices and many other checkbook-related factors, I won’t be able to go to Late Night Knit at the Sow’s Ear tonight. Waves to Dale-Harriett, Lovely Mary, Heather, Annika, Melinda, Yo Jane, Mary, Donna, and everyone else whose name I’ve forgotten……

The only thing really making this bearable is that my DH suggested we have Late Night Knit at home and I could teach him to knit. At that point I figured he was just trying to make me feel better, which, frankly, was actually good enough. But then I suggested I teach him to spin instead, since he was really more interested in it, and his eyes just lit up.

Wish me luck! Has anyone taught their Significant Other how to knit, crochet, spin, weave, or …?

Sigh. Knitwise I have been devoted to the Scarf. The end is in sight. I try not to unroll it or measure it, so that’s why I don’t have updated progress shots. I just keep working the pattern. The kids are starting to get impressed that they can all have part of it on their lap as I work on it. Now that would make a good picture!

But I really need to finish my WIPs so I can move on to the next phase of my life. Brother Ben’s Christmas Stocking needs to be next, then Bamboo Socks, then whatever yells the loudest. Nobody wants knits for Christmas, so I’m not making any.

Genealogy has been taking me over. In a flash of generosity I started looking for unanswered lookup queries on places like the RootsWeb board. I have binders and binders full of family sheets from various parts of my family, but haven’t touched anything in almost ten years. Hmm, was that when I moved to Wisconsin? 🙂 I can’t work on my own people from here, but maybe I live close to someone else’s ancestors.

As it turns out, I do! And the local genealogical society here has an awesome collection of fantastic materials. I’ll be joining them at the beginning of the year! I currently have four lookup projects going, an appointment to do a photo shoot at a cemetery next week (yes, I have a different definition of “me time” than most people), and I’m finding new leads almost every day. I love love love tracking these people down. Maybe I’m just channeling my inner Trixie Belden.

I’m using this quarter of lookups as a trial period for myself. If I enjoy all the parts of the process and start to get more efficient, it might be time to take a couple of seminars and start working towards becoming a certified genealogist.

So things are okay here — just lean, and changing. But now it’s time to knit.

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  1. What else you gonna do at a time like this? Knit and spin. It’s still the only sanity.

  2. I hear ya sister! The gas and stuffage has even driving me to having to clean my house like the queen was coming for a visit because I can’t make other plans to avoid it! What next?!

    Good luck on teaching spinning. I think he’ll like it!

    There must be something in the atmosphere, Mr. CH took charge of a puking child this morning and sent me off to work while he stays home to “take care of him”. Never in 9 years, 2 months, and 13 days has he volunteered to handle a sick child, much less go it alone. I must read more blogs to find out if there is a rash of suddenly brilliant acts by husbands!

  3. We’ll miss you tonight.

    I taught my husband to knit way back in the early 90s. He didn’t stick with it, but he made a cool stranded design, peruvian style hat and an intarsia baby cow suit before he lost interest. Before that, he made a really cool needlepoint pillow. And he has done spinning on a spindle, though not for a very long time.

  4. That’s pretty cool- wish I could get the husband to learn how to knit, but he is VERY resistant to the notion.

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