This is not a Scarf

No, this is a test of the Scarf Progress Bar. If this were an actual Scarf, it would be off the needles and you would be able to wrap it around your neck at least twice and still have it trailing the ground and getting the fringe dirty. No, this is only a test.

And it’s going to stay at the top of this page until it’s finished! I’ll try to update it every day that I knit on it.

October 9: Hey! I suck at math! I was 100 rows further along than I thought! Plus I finished the red stripe and the yellow stripe tonight. The next big stripe is “44 tan.”

October 13: Gosh, I watched a lot of football yesterday. (Thank you, Atlanta!) Guess what else I did. The next stripe is “14 purple.”

October 17: Two rows to go, and I’ll be done with the first gray stripe after “56 green.” Pushing to the finish, but I haven’t been weaving in ends for a while. But I will get them all taken care of before knitting the last stripe.

October 18 (12:09 am): 910 rows complete of 1042. I’m in the last gray stripe….

October 20: Two stripes to go. I had a little setback last night when I knit 36 tan rows instead of 32 tan rows. Yes, I sat there and un-knitted four rows. You have to know there was no way I was pulling this project off the needles. So I have a narrow red stripe to knit, then a thick purple stripe (there’s those 36 rows!). When I get a few rows into the purple, I’ll weave in all my ends. That way, when I’m finished knitting, I’m finished with the scarf. (Except, of course, for fringe….)

n.b. I had to edit the scarf code to fit the whole width of it into the space allotted on the blog!

October 23 (4 p.m.): I am DONE. I wove in the last end, measured it on the floor (8 feet 7 inches), and wore it all over the house. My neck got really hot. 🙂 So now, all I need is the fringe.

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  1. Now that is a fab progress bar. Happy scarf knitting!

  2. Best progress bar ever! I really, really should knit a Doctor Who Scarf. 🙂

  3. Cool progress bar. You’ve really smoked on that thing since I last saw it!

  4. love the bar! finally finished mine. sort of. it’s almost 24 feet and i don’t have the energy to block it, so i’m calling it finished.

  5. That IS superneat! I’m going to try to crank on mine too – I’d LOVE to finish it before the end of the month. Upcoming I have: two classes starting, lots of Museum work to prepare for (including developing a new “character”), my SCBWI Retreat — and get this: I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Is there a place for Blithering Idiots? Because I am SO going to need it!

  6. Where are ya, Bethie? Comin’ to Knit Night tomorrow?

  7. Okay, but when you get to 100% we demand pictures! 🙂

  8. Congrats on the FO! 🙂

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