…and Antigo

It’s a good day so far. I have three kids on the way to school right now, two of whom will spend the morning in a pumpkin patch, and one sweetie at home. It’s crisp and cool and bright outside and definitely swinging into fall — the kind of weather which makes you wonder why you didn’t spend the summer knitting thick wooly sweaters. (Then you remember it was too hot to knit a cotton dishcloth.)

I’m crawling along on the directory of Wisconsin’s vast array of craft stores, and the other night I got up to Antigo. Sadly, I learned that the truly awe-inspiring stamp and scrap shop there closed, probably at the end of 2007. I only got to visit it once, but it was amazing.

But that brings up a feature of my book that I want people to be aware of: a “Gone But Not Forgotten” section. I have a feeling that a good chunk of the readership for the book will be vacationers, who will open the book and try to find “that cute little quilt store we saw ten years ago when we went Up North.” If that store is out of business now, having a section like this lets people know what happened to it, and also that it wasn’t overlooked.

Each store in that list deserves (hopefully) a little tribute from former customers. If you know of a store that should be in that category, feel free to speak up and let me know. And if you’re willing to write a paragraph in tribute to a good store, well then, bless you! I’d love to have it and I will give you credit if you’d like.

I’m taking a little break from book things tonight because it’s a Late Night Knit night at the Sow’s Ear and I simply won’t be here this evening. I’m also taking a little break because the next city is Appleton, which contains about 3,000 various crafty sites. DH will be traveling for the next several days, so I’m hoping to have it tackled by the time he comes back.

Anybody living in or around Appleton who would like to help verify some stores, just drop me a line and I’ll email you back. Sometimes all I need is just to know if they’re still in business, or what hours they’re open, but the more information about what they carry, the better. And yes, someone really should go over and check out the new Michaels. 🙂


The Doctor Who Scarf is about 1/3 done, and last night I got caught up on weaving in all my ends. It took a feature-length movie’s worth of time to do it, but now I feel great about forging ahead.

I’m puttering around with another One-Row Handspun scarf. This time it’s really on handspun — some leftover Laurenspun that I dyed with Kool-Aid. Ran out of energy to add it to Lauren’s shawl last year. I’m knitting the scarf 18 stitches wide on huge (for me) needles so it may look lacy when it’s done.

I also started a Christmas knit for my brother and am ready to start the colorwork portion. Do you want to see progress shots?

The other day I made a list of all the WIPs and came up with about six scarves. WTF? I really must start finding some other patterns for thoughtless knitting. Alternatively, start knitting sweaters. Or finish poor Tyrone….

That’s all for now, except a little note to the Milwaukee Brewers: Come on guys, get it together! And Corey, please lay off every first pitch. Thank you.

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  1. 3,000 stores in Appleton! God love you for tackling this beasty! See you tonight!

  2. The Gone but Not Forgotten section is a great idea! I hate when I try to go back to a knitting shop that I JUST KNOW was there last time I was in town, but I can’t find it, and then…did “Baa Baa Black Sheep” in Traverse City actually exist, or did I have some kind of knitting hallucination? Is all I’m saying. So, I like that idea a lot. 🙂

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