Lately I’ve been looking at all the things I’m trying to do, all the things I’d like to do, and, frankly, all the stash I’m trying to use up, and I had a teensy tiny epiphany. The comfortable kind, the sort that sneaks into your head and gradually makes itself known without blowing anything up.

I don’t have to do so much of this stuff all at the same time.

I’m always amazed when somebody comments that I’m so productive, or so organized, or so efficient, because I’m really none of these things. It’s probably more accurate to say I’m easily bored, and attracted to new hobbies like a raven to a glittering piece of foil.

But now I’m looking at the knitting as a skill set rather than a lifestyle, and it felt like a weight was truly lifted. It’s easy to be obsessive about the knitting (even more so if you have the money and time to knit as much as you want), fun to collect patterns and yarn and cyberfriends (and easier to do these days than it used to be), and entertaining to keep up with the trends and magazines and knitalongs and swaps (especially for those us who didn’t used to be joiners, so much).

It’s also kind of exhausting, especially if you suddenly realize you have 3.5 kids in school (well, maybe 2.75, depends on how you do the math), and two scout schedules to juggle and a book to write All By Yourself.

So I’m kind of scaling back. There are lots of things I can do well enough, and I’d like to start taking turns with them. My little Scouts will need scrapbooks, and I can do those. If someone needs a scarf, I can make one. Christmas cards? Well, maybe I will buy those one more time, but I can make the birthday cards for next year with my stamps & stuff. I can spin to relax, and make my own stitch markers with the beading supplies.

But, as Steven Wright said, *not in a row….*

So. A new plan. My favorite thing in the world, and this year it’s three months early.

Finish the WIPs, and make Christmas gifts. If I feel flighty or bored I can work on those things first. There is certainly a variety of unfinished work that needs to be done, and (mostly) nice yarns to do it with.

Next. The Book needs to be written, the pattern booklets need to be begun (any knitting or quilting designers out there that want to be authors?), and I need to move into something that can be paying work that interests me and can be done no matter where I live.

I have an idea, and if you can guess it based on this information, I’ll send you a prize package. The deadline for comments is September 27.

Hey, that’s my Ravelversary!

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  1. You’re going to immediately begin homeschooling your children so that you can use them as cheap labor and not let them eat ice cream until they learn to knit as well as the children in the dark ages did? The eldest will be put to work researching shops?

    No… the kids at home thing won’t work so well I suspect…

    Oh – you are going to ship them off to boarding school to better their education and give you time to knit and write?

    Or maybe you’re going to insist that if DH is watching movies or races, then he must be knitting!

  2. Oh, and one more thing – if you can think of a way to employ me out of my home – please do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I can’t stress that enough!)

  3. My homeschooling, over-committed mommy brain can’t think of an answer, but “you go, girl!”

  4. I think I need more coffee but I’m sure your idea will be obvious once you tell us. 😀 Best wishes with your idea, I’ll be watching with interest. I may have a transition in my future.

  5. With your gift for editing, I’ll be any craft publishing house would be happy to send books and manuals to you to proof for $$! Especially with Knit Circus on your resume now!

  6. I missed the info on The Book. What are you working on?

    I know what you mean about all the different crafty things that are calling to be done. I have a hard time choosing some days. I like your thought that they don’t all need to be done at once… but just taking the season to enjoy one at a time.

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