…and Algoma

I think I’ve almost wrapped up the research portion of Abbotsford. All I need to do is disguise my voice and call the Ben Franklin for their hours. I don’t want to get into it with the manager while trying to explain that this is a good thing for him, and free. Just need the hours you’re open, thanks.

Moving on the other night, I boldly proclaimed it was the night to take care of all of Appleton. Well. For one thing, Appleton is more an area than a city, and it has a *ton* of crafty places that are worth going to. For another, I didn’t even *get* to Appleton.

I got to Algoma. And Algoma was really really interesting. I started with one little teensy weensy fiber farm, and before I knew it, I knew something of the history of the place, had a good list of annual festivals, read about Wisconsin’s oldest winery, etc. And then I stumbled across a list of 33 alpaca farms [in places other than Algoma], and that was it. Enough work for two days, what with filling out data forms for all those farms.

My filing system for this book is probably one of those you’d look at and say something like, “Mmmm, that’s…. *interesting.*” Meaning, why on earth are you doing this job in this way? Well, I’ve worked on a lot of directories, and this method makes sense to me. It’s a PITA to build from the ground up, but once the first edition is done, it will make updates a breeze. (I hope.)

So anyway, it’s still not time for Appleton yet; next is Altoona, and when I get into that I’ll probably find 26 more places to visit in Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. But that’s OK. I make data forms for them, file them in my big binder by their city names, and I’ll have something to start with when I get there. And when I do get there, I make a cover sheet for a hanging file for each store (or farm, or museum, etc.). The hanging files are arranged by category, so I can slide open a drawer and see all the yarn stores, or all the quilt shops.

As I said, it will make sense later. Somewhat after Altoona.

Knitwise, I finished something today — those Russian boots for my grandmother. That’s what the pattern calls them, but honestly, I think “dorm socks” or “house socks” is a better description. When I last worked on them Lo Those Many Moons Ago, right after I dubbed them and Insanely Quick Knit, I hadn’t left a long-enough tail to do all the seaming. Today I ripped out what I had done with the tails, cut a new piece of Sugar & Cream (which I often refer to accidentally on Peaches & Cream, so if I do that, now you know what I really meant to say), and sewed the second one up. Piece of cake.

Then I still had an hour left to spend at the coffee shop, so I took out the Doctor Who Scarf, finished one narrow stripe and started another, and wove in four ends. I had meant to weave them all in contemporaneously, but had fallen a bit behind. I’m still feeling great about working on the Scarf and trying not to make it a pressured activity, so I left myself do just the four.

After I got home I popped the “boots” in the washer, along with a pair of acrylic mittens I recently finished. Those should even be dry by now and now I have two sets of giftknits ready to mail. I promised a friend some Ravelry pins, too, so I think I have a date with the post office sometime soon.

I’m also working on a hat (charity) and now have enough Panda Cotton yarn to finish the bamboo socks for DH (thanks Cathy-Cate!). After that I should probably only work on WIPs or Christmas knitting.

Meanwhile, it’s time to catch up with Torchwood. I just started watching Series 2. No spoilers please!

P.S My parents are visiting this weekend, so I don’t know when I’ll be posting in the next few days. I’d like to post more frequently, but I’ve been getting all caught up in Ravelry whenever I have a minute. Like you haven’t heard *that* excuse before.

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  1. OK, now I’m convinced. Somehow (is it an Irish thing?) you’ve managed to get hold of days containing about 32 hours rather than the paltry 24 the rest of us get. PS uhmmm…Bethie? How WIDE is *your* Dr Who scarf? I’m just curious. You know.

  2. When do you SLEEP? Are you bringing your folks to Knit Night?

  3. Mary Vernau, the director of the Altoona Public Library, is a knitter. She might be able to help you with the Altoona page.

  4. I just came across your blog for the first time today, and I’m moving to Algoma this weekend. We are opening a gallery there next summer 🙂

  5. I’d probably skip Appleton, we used to have Jane’s Knitting Hutch then she sold it and now it is just a place to buy yarn, no one is encouraged to sit and knit in fact we were all told to find someplace else to do it, but come back here and spend your money…no thanks.
    Now we either get our yarn in Neenah, Green Bay or online. Good luck!!!

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