All about Abbotsford

Yesterday I officially restarted work on my travel guide to Wisconsin’s craft stores. Normally this would be the kiss of death to announce I was doing something, as my first instinct is to undercut my own work.


In the time that I spent mourning the loss of years of data for this project, as well as the time I spent coordinating the Sheep & Wool Afterparty, I learned that I’m going to need some help.

I’m restarting the manuscript, using data I wrote out by hand for over 500 stores. I’m starting with A and working my way to Z, producing a book I’d really enjoy reading and using. (And I can’t tell you how many times I wished it were already done so I could just open it and look up something I needed to know.)

Today I started verifying the craft stores in Abbotsford. Which might be harder than I anticipated, after the manager of the first store hung up on me when he heard what the project was. I wonder if he thought I wanted to sell him something? I don’t! I just want to know his store’s hours and what kind of crafty items it carries, in case someone were to be driving through the area and might want to buy something from him. However, as I said, he hung up on me, so I don’t have that information. Yet.

As I live about 4 (or more) hours from Abbotsford and don’t plan on dropping by his store in the near future, I could use a spy. Drop me a comment if you live in the area and would like to do a sneaky good deed.

The secret password is “Ben Franklin Variety.” Over and out.


News Flash! Your chocolate today is supplied by commenter Loyce Ericson, who runs the Chocolate Sheep Gallery! She loves sheep and chocolate too. You can visit her shop’s website here.

Are there any other Chocolate Sheep out there? Drop me a line!

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  1. Geez, how nice is that for customer relations?!
    What a kook.

  2. Wish I could help you out with this one. Wouldn’t mind a road trip to visit the Abbey Cafe!! Oh well. I do live by Appleton though.

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