So, this one time, at Sheep and Wool…

…we had this little party, and about 40 people came? And had cheesecake? And won door prizes?

And then we all got massively tired and wished we could sleep for weeks and weeks. But we did take some pictures. They’re not great, but they’re pictures, and they’ve already taken Stage One of their journey and now actually reside on the computer rather than in the camera.

I’ve got a few things to do first (like shower, and run out for diapers and wipes) but I want to take advantage of this being a 3-child school day and put up a very nice blog post with some of those pictures and lots of words.

Here’s our display at the Country Store on Saturday morning. I don’t know why the camera was doing that! (Hi Brandy!)

Here are some sheep (including Shetlands). Check out the horns on that Jacob!

The lamb in this picture is 4 days old. It was soooo small!

Four-day-old lamb, 2008 WI Sheep & Wool



Shetland sheep, 2008 WI Sheep & Wool

Shetland sheep, 2008 WI Sheep & Wool


Jacob Sheep, horns and all![/Jacob Sheep, horns and all!]  

The feed is sweeter in the other pen!

The feed is sweeter in the other pen!

Here is the food at the Afterparty before anybody had some. Chocolate chip cookie pizzas in three flavors, pizzelles in two flavors, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks in four varieties, and two types of cheesecakes with three fruit toppings. Coffee, soda, water, etc. The wine was a door prize ONLY.


Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks



Cheesecake bar — New York style and chocolate mint chip

Cheesecake bar — New York style and chocolate mint chip



Chocolate chip cookie pizzas

Chocolate chip cookie pizzas


Here are the door prizes, almost all of them. Some people came to the party and dropped more items on the table.

And here is the TARDIS I made just for the party. You won’t believe how cool my children think this is, and where it is now.

Off to do errands, then I’ll fill it in later.

A tremendous thanks to everyone who attended, everyone who just stopped by the table to say Hi even if they couldn’t come, everyone who helped in any way, and especially to Cheesehead with Sticks, who really made it all possible. I really hope there’s an event like this next year, even if I’m not involved with planning and running it.

September 11: OK, I almost give up. Sorry about the formatting. If I can figure out how to fix it, I’ll do so one picture and caption at a time, saving in between. Meanwhile, I’m on with the rest of my life.


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  1. You did a lot of work on that event, honey. Whew. Wish I could have made it….
    Can’t wait to see the pics.
    Take care, Jaala

  2. I’m so glad the party turned out great. What a lot of time and effort you put in! Glad so many folks came too! It was good to see you and meet Cheesehead with Sticks at the fair!

  3. the party was great! thanks for putting it all together

  4. No, Thank YOU for dreaming it up. Oh, and next year, there WILL be one and you ARE involved.

    You didn’t really think you could dream this up, pull it off, and then take it away from us did you?? Ha!!! You call people, and I’ll do whatever else 🙂 (cuz dude, I am shy [shutup, yes I am!], and I can’t call people)

    I had great fun! thanks!

  5. It was a great party and I have the pictures to prove it. BEST cheesecake, Ever! I’m tired, too, for whatever reason. I’ll be blogging about it pretty soon. Let me know if you would like the photos.

  6. Hey! Come back and show us that TARDIS picture! 🙂

    Sounds like it was a great party! Wine as a door prize…I may find a way to show up next year.

  7. Just popped in to read your blog – linked to you off of Ravelry. How nice to see our sheep exhibit – of course, I realize you were taking pics of the sheep in the neighboring pen eating out of our hay basket, but hey, it’s nice to see the pic anyway! It became the joke of the weekend – that sheep mooching off of us! Would love to see the picture of the Tardis – I am a huge Doctor Who fan!

  8. I so want to see the Tardis! One of our neighbours has a full size one in his garden – full size exterior anyway *g*

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