Ravelympics, Day Two


August 9

7:00am — Turn on Olympic games, log on to Ravelry to see how everyone else is doing. One team member has not only completed an entire Rose’s Wrist Warmer, they have posted a picture to prove it. Go team!

8:00-noon — Work alone (mostly) and with children (sometimes) to clean and vacuum three rooms.

12:00pm — Break for lunch for kids.

12:30 — Shower time! Hooray!

1:00-2:00 — Bath and shower time for four children. Load everyone into the van and drive to Milwaukee.

3:00 — Meet up with husband, who has mashed one hand with a hammer while helping his father renovate the garage. Given flak for not-sympathetic-enough reaction.

4:45 — Go to Brewers game with DH and 2 BILs. While on the way to the stadium, I knit 2/3 of one round on DH’s socks in progress.

5:00 — Bag inspected before I enter stadium. “Just knitting, sir.” I am allowed to enter, even though DH whispers “Terrorist!” immediately afterwards.

5:05 — Use scissors from knitting toolkit to cut hang tag from new baseball cap.

6:00 — Game starts, and I never touch the knitting. Too exciting! I see a complete game pitched by Ben Sheets, who also picks up an RBI in the bottom of the eighth inning. We beat the Washington Nationals 6 to 0, and after taking a couple of pregame pictures to show how great our seats were, I never touch the camera again.

9:30 — Back at in-laws’ after World’s Fastest Baseball Game to pick up kids and take them home to bed.

10:00 — Arrive home, discover that more yarn for my Doctor Who Scarf has arrived in the mail. I love swaps. Update my list of yarn needed for Scarf (I have 9 skeins of the 16 I need).

10:30 — Log on to Ravelry. Support team by speculating on our mutual psychological makeup.

11:00 — Knit 1-1/3 rounds on the sock, then enough rows to finish the gusset. Now I have made it to the foot on each sock of the Parallel Pair. Soon they will be Socks.

12:30am — Go to bed without having taken the Rose’s Wrist Warmers out of their project bag.

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  1. “Go to bed without having taken the Rose’s Wrist Warmers out of their project bag”

    Not being involved in the Ravelympics, I’m assuming that Rose’s Wrist Warmers is your team’s project of choice. (I don’t know how the Ravelympics work, either… I’ve got a newborn so I didn’t think I could finish much of anything in 18 days… LOL.) Anyhow… 😉 I decided I’d cheer you on!


  2. Must be nice to watch your team WIN the odd ballgame! 😛 Oh, my poor Reds…and they traded Adam Dunn today, I can’t stand it…*cough cough* we’re dyin’ over here…

    As of this minute I’ve knit 1/6 of my scarf. Go Team TARDIS!

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