Ravelympics, Day One

August 8

7:00am — While watching the Bird’s Nest over the shoulders of the host of CNN Headline News, realize I really will not be able to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies until 6:30pm tonight. Rats.

7:05 — Log on to Ravelry, post in the Parade thread.

7:30 — Cast on for the wrist warmers. Cable cast-on 52 stitches onto one six-inch bamboo dpn, then transfer to the other needles. Realize I am a little nuts to think one of these stitches won’t fall off.

7:35 — Go to join stitches in the round. Count stitches. Realize I have cast on 53 instead of 52.

7:36 — Knit the first and last stitches together, and commence ribbing section.

7:45 — Turn on the Doctor Who mini marathon and watch the last 15 minutes of “New Earth.” Hope my daughter doesn’t come in or I will have to change the channel.

7:55 — Daughter comes in.

7:58 — Switch to “Backyardigans” Olympic-themed new episode. All kids gather on couch to watch.

8:20 — Finish seventh round of eight rounds of ribbing. 

8:30 — Tune in to “Tooth and Claw,” watch to end. Shout out for Torchwood Institute.

9:00 — “School Reunion” starts. Daughter walks into room. “Is this Doctor Who?”

9:01 — Change channel to movie: Pinocchio 3000. Watch to end with children. Actually, it wasn’t that bad — a cross between the classic Pinocchio tale and Robots.

9:30 — Pause from knitting ribbing to wipe nose, change diaper, administer medicine to toddler. Finish eighth round of ribbing.

10:00 — Log on to Ravelry, encourage Team TARDIS members.

10:30 — Carry sleeping toddler upstairs to bed.

10:31 — Rearrange stitches on needles, commence pattern section.

10:32 — Retrieve Brittany cable needles from Irish Hiking Scarf project bag.

10:34 — Start pattern section on Row One.

10:37 — Re-read instructions, tink back two needles, re-start pattern on Row Four as instructions specify.

10:45ish — Oops, missed that purl stitch. Tink and fix.

11:00ish — Oops, forgot the purl stitch after the cable cross on needle 2. Tink and fix.

11:45 — Knit right up to the first cable cross for Needle 1 (Row Eight) and stop for lunch. Whew!

12:00 — Log on to Ravelry. Sympathize with Team TARDIS members’ horrible school experiences.

12:30 — Do center cable cross. Easy peasy, ha ha ha! This will be done in no time.

12:35 — Four year old brings gallon of milk from the refridgerator to the family room. Take a break to pour milk for everyone.

12:40 — Realize I have lost a knitting needle in the couch.

12:41 — Retrieve needle.

1:30 — Finish knitting Row Twelve.

<Long interval of getting kids out of the house so husband can work from home. Did I visit a yarn shop? I plead the Fifth Amendment, even though the item I purchased is obvious proof.>

6:30-7:00pm — Vent at NBC officials for their typical mishandling of Olympic coverage.

7-8pm — Watch Opening Ceremonies in awe. Yes, I’ll admit it, I cried at everything. Competence moves me greatly. Damn China.

9:15 — Log on to Ravelry. Post a dumb Doctor Who knock-knock joke.

9:40 — Sit down to continue wrist warmers. What row am I on again? Oh yeah, 13. Good thing I wrote that down.

9:41 — Go to kitchen to pour glass of wine.

9:45 — Knit. Knit like the…..slug that I am.

11:05 — Finish Row Three of the second repeat, which means I have knit one full repeat of the pattern. Remember, I started at Row Four? I’m up to it again. Tomorrow.

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  1. Hah. Some Ravthletes have all the luck, time and gumption.

    Me, I cast on at opening time (didn’t get to see the ceremonies, just set my clock), then changed my mind about the cast-on, frogged it, and that’s where the project sits. I’m not planning to disgrace Team Cellular Peptide Cake, I still hope, but I’m not in the vanguard either.

    Dang, maybe I should have joined Team TARDIS after all. I could use a little time travel right about now.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried at the opening ceremonies! I couldn’t stop thinking about what some of those athletes had to go through to get to where they were. Awe inspiring.

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