In and out

Hi all, we returned from the Trip Of All Trips on Sunday and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. I can’t tell you how many miles we put on the ol’ van, but we had an oil change the day before we left and we probably need another one by now.

Here are some bizarre statistics:

States visited: six
Knitting completed: two sock-heel flaps
Yarn stores visited: one
Yarn stores spotted but not visited: three
Ravelry members met: three 
Great-grandmothers visited: two
Number of times Tom fell down the stairs: one (the first day)
Knitted items photographed: three
Blogs I read: none

So, I still have a lot to catch up on. Unfortunately for everyone who’s waiting for me to catch up to them, tomorrow is the start of the Olympic Games and, more importantly, the Ravelympics. I am only doing one project, but there are many more people planning to do many many more projects. It seems a little silly when I try to explain it to non-Rav people, but we of Team TARDIS are having lots of fun already. I have new friends all over the world because of mutual love for Doctor Who (keep it clean in the comments, ladies) and it’s just one more fun thing to do. Oh wait, one more stat.

Anthropomorphized fat globules knitted and sent to to England: one.

So, the deal is I cast on for my project during the Opening Ceremonies, and try to cast off before the Closing Ceremonies. I’ll be knitting a pair of Rose’s Wrist Warmers, the ones Rose wears in Doomsday (last episode of season 2 of Doctor Who). This should certainly be doable for me. I’m slow but I can crank out a pair of mittens in a weekend if I need to, but there’s just one thing. The pattern is….charted. The backs feature traveling-style cables with seed stitch in the middle, and the Very Colorful Chart is something I’ve never followed before.

We’ll see.

Because I spend more time on Ravelry than I should, and I feel guilty, I will make an effort to post on the blog every day during the Ravelympics instead of just hanging out over *there* with my *Ravelry* friends. Who knows, I might even try to post a picture.

Progress report: Pre-Ravelympics

Bamboo socks: Sock One at foot, Sock Two needs gusset stitches picked up. 
Silk Lace Stole: Still stalled.
Tyrone: Still stalled but I’m getting encouragement from afar to finish.
Secret Christmas Project: conceptualized, begun, and hidden. This is a **new** project and I’m looking forward to the Reveal pictures at Christmas. But I can email details if you’re interested.
*Sheesh, am I doing anything else?*
Heelflap scarf: Still stalled. 
Irish Hiking Scarf with cursed yarn: Still stalled.

I sense a theme.

Anyway, hi to everyone in Blog-Land, and I’ll try to catch up on your blog (and revamp my own) soon.


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  1. Have you tried explaining the anthropomorphized fat globules to people who don’t watch Doctor Who? I have. They think I’m quite mad, especially that woman at the post office. 🙂

    Go Team TARDIS!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Only one yarn store? What about fabric stores? I hope you found more Doctor fabric.

    Had loads of fun meeting you at Easton. Glad you are home safe and sound.

    Happy knitting!

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