The last several days have been a whirlwind as we prepare for a just-longer-than-a-week road trip covering several states and generations of relatives. The hard prep work is now almost done: I think I have finalized my trip knitting.

Now, I just have to discover whether or not I have a week’s worth of respectable clothes. That can wait till tomorrow, I think.

In case I don’t have Internet access next week (The horror! The horror!), those of you on Ravelry can check out my notebook and see Actual Project Pictures and Actual Stash Pictures. Flickr proved a lot easier to finagle than WordPress image uploading was a few months ago, so I haven’t made the time to try again. Yet. Someday…..

I do have a couple of projects to almost cross off my list.

The alpaca triangle shawl is done except for edging. I really want to add an edging. I don’t know if this will be in crochet (which I don’t know how to do) or attached I-cord (which I haven’t done yet), but I have about 100g of fingering weight, chocolate-brown (of course), Peruvian alpaca to do it with. I wore the shawl around the house this morning, pinned with a section of fractured vintage knitting needle, with my matching fingerless mitts. It was so cozy — can’t wait till winter!

I am THIS close to finishing my second Hufflepuff mitten. THIS CLOSE. And it occurred to me while I was driving today, that I have been referring to them everywhere as Ravenclaw mittens. Maybe I wish I were a Ravenclaw? I really do know my Hogwarts color coding, honestly. Anyway, I just have to knit the tip of the thumb and weave in the ends.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been swapping yarn literally all over the world to score what I need to start a Doctor Who Scarf for my Ravelympics event. Yes, I understand this makes me a dork among dorks, but I have found my people and they usually think I’m funny. Some days, that’s enough.

I may not be able to post before August 4, but I have two knitting meetups incorporated into the vacation already, plus a trip to Knitters Mercantile (“The Merc”) in Columbus, so I’ll probably be okay. My travel knitting? Socks mostly, plus DH bought me the Nancy Bush Traveling Sock Knitter book I’ve looked at for two years now and never bought for myself. I might take yarn to start one of those patterns, especially the Welsh one.

Stay cool and dry!

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  1. Best wishes for good traveling! Have fun. 😀

  2. Have a great trip! I love that the absolute first thing ALL we knitters figure out before a jaunt is what projects and equipment we will bring. It is so much more important to our traveling happiness than clothes.

  3. Have a wonderful and safe trip. I’ll be looking for all of the details at the next Knit Night you can make~!

  4. YES! travel safe…I’ve always said, it’s the knit-packing that’s tricky! Looking forward to the details upon your return!

  5. Looking forward to meeting you at The Merc. I think we have at least two other ladies meeting up with us. 🙂

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