Stuck in Stashville

It all started out innocently enough. There I was, on Ravelry (you can probably already see where this is going), and lo and behold some genius has come up with the Ravelympics. It made perfect sense to join Team TARDIS and sign up for the Scarf event.

Yeah, I’ll have no problem knitting a Doctor Who Scarf during the span of the Summer Olympics. I just have to locate the precise colors of discontinued yarn before the Opening Ceremonies, knit a little more than a foot of scarf a day for 17 consecutive days, and cast off before the Closing Ceremonies. No problem at all.

So I was trying to set up a swap for some of the yarn I needed, with a Ravelrer who recently finished her scarf and had leftovers of everything, when I had a brilliant idea. Since I needed to update my Rav stash listing anyway, I’d just take pictures of everything tonight and PM her tomorrow with a list of what she could pick from.


I just now took 39 pictures of yarn and projects in progress (okay, one was completed), and I have three plastic bins of yarn I haven’t even opened up yet. Then there’s getting the pictures from the camera to the computer, annotating them, getting them to Flickr, getting them into Ravelry, and making sure all the stats match up. Then marking appropriate listings with swap/sell.

I have a feeling it’s going to take a little bit longer than my initial estimate of, oh, tomorrow.

But I do have some very nice things in the stash now. If only I could knit faster!

Current projects:

  • Triangle garter stitch shawl, Classic Elite alpaca Inca Print in browns, more than 50 percent done. So you’ll recognize me at WI Sheep and Wool.
  • Panda Cotton socks, both socks poised on the brink of heel flaps.
  • Heelflap scarf, mystery pastel acrylic, stalled because it’s terribly boring. I joined on the next skein, which is super saver size, and looks absolutely endless. Funny though, while I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago I found a small ball of the exact same yarn for 10 cents. Of course, I bought it. Who else would need it?
  • Gull wing lace stole, Plymouth Shire Silk, stalled for six weeks. Remind me before I start again that I finished the first row of the 4 row repeat.
  • Hufflepuff Mittens from Charmed Knits, was going great until I had to frog the second thumb back. Then I remembered, I had the same problem with the first mitten.
  • IHS from doomed yarn, still stalled. Lots of other items due first. See what a lack of a deadline for a personal item can do to you? I did wind up the rest of the yarn into centerpull balls, though. Yay me!
  • Tyrone is still stalled too. That one needs an intervention.

I’m also making an Adipose for the legend-in-Doctor-Who-knitting-circles Mazzmatazz. So are 100 other Ravelry knitters. I want to get that done and sent in ASAP after this weekend.

However, I did finish a couple of items. A zigzag scarf for Mazzmatazz, a secret project, and a batch of 4 inch squares for a Doctor Who afghan to be auctioned off for charity. I sent those out this morning (along with Molly Bee’s and Crafty Peach’s) so that case is closed.

Huh. All these early morning storms have me wiped out. Couldn’t have anything to do with getting up already being up at 4am to watch Doctor Who, or wrestling three little kids 5 and under by myself this weekend (due to a curragh regatta in Columbus OH, thanks for asking), or this teensy glass of wine sitting next to the computer.

Let’s hope red wine goes well with Torchwood.


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  1. You’ve chosen discontinued yarn for your DW scarf?! Now that’s dedication. 🙂 I’ll see you on Team TARDIS – I’m doing the Laceweight Javelin, and here’s hoping my tiny laceweight obsession doesn’t wear off before August 8. Hey, how’d the red wine go with Torchwood?

  2. Oh my we have been bitten hard by the Dr. Who bug. I feel like we are the last people in the world to cotton onto the fact that the latest incarnation is flippin’ brilliant. We are almost done with season one and have seasons two and three on our netflix cue. And you are a brave, brave woman to list all your WIPs. I just prefer to ignore them.

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