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I have already written posts titled “sorry” and “hiatus” and “mea maxima culpa,” so if nothing else you should have a clear picture of me so far. Sometimes, I don’t post. Even when stuff is happening.

I’m sorry I haven’t written. Between the flooding and Ravelry and, oh, Ravelry…. Ah, crap, I’m just a bad girl, not keeping up the blog. You know how you get so overwhelmed you can’t find the energy to try to get un-overwhelmed? That’s me!! **(waves to Radar)**

Floods. The waters are starting to subside, the Jefferson County Fair is this week, summer school did start a week late after all but will end on time. The post-flood mosquitoes are nasty but small.

Family. I think everyone’s been injured at least once. All have recovered. Except for our poor dog Chili, who was diagnosed with a spleen condition that was most likely cancerous. He had other issues ahead of him, and a happy life behind him, so we made the hard decision and said goodbye.

Travel. My husband and my brother circumnavigated Lake Michigan by motorcycle in mid-June and not only lived to tell about it, but got back on time. Some of the small parts of their bikes didn’t quite make it, but it was a Learning Experience — their first tour of any length, solo or team. Unfortunately they learned the wrong lesson and want to circle Lake Superior next year. Anyone want to send their husband along with them next June?

Knitting. Did I mention knitting? I finished a testknit scarf, and am doing some Doctor Who knitting now for a project that will go to cast & crew. SQUEE! (Had to get that out of the way, sorry to hurt your ears.) I tried to do some finishing off of stuff before the Who project started, but it didn’t work out that way. Now I have a second mitten I have to half-dismantle due to screwing up the amount of plain knitting between the increase rounds. Lucky me.

Otherwise I’m actively working on an alpaca triangle shawl for myself (deadline: Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival), a pair of socks for DH (I’m next), and … apparently a bunch of other stuff. My WIPs literally fill a laundry basket right now and the exposure is rather embarrassing.

Spinning. No more spinning for a while now, but I do have another wheel, an antique with some missing parts. We acquired it on Saturday. SQUEE! (oops)

Computer. Got my Mac back. Unfortunately the data were gone. I’ll still be working on the statewide craft store guide since I have all the info in hard copy form, but at a more leisurely and thoughtful pace. And I’ll be making backups. I swear to God I will. Losing all my digital pictures of the yarn and the kids has taught me that, the hard way. I hope I can get back the ones I uploaded to WordPress.

I’ve also fallen terribly behind on my blog reading, so if you’re on my blogroll and feel neglected, I’m sorry about that too. (I apologize a lot, don’t I? Sorry!) This summer vacation thing is kicking my butt big time.

One more thing: Happy Birthday (today! oops, now it’s yesterday) to my dear Mr. Beth. He’s happily rowing curragh with the club, then going out for a beer (or more) with his brothers. Permission for that was the least I could do for someone who likes to bring back nicer yarn from his business trips than I’m willing to buy for myself at my favorite LYS.

Which I should be able to visit on the 18th for Late Night Knitting. It’s been about three months and I really miss everyone!

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  1. you’ve been busy! sorry to hear about your pup.

    are you planning to go to the Folk & Fiber Fair down in Chicago in a couple weekends?

  2. YAAAAYY Bethie! I am soothed, satisfied, mollified and all that stuff. I may be speaking out of turn here, but I am *tentatively* offering MY husband for a motorcycle circle tour of Lake Superior — or at least the North Shore circuit. I’ve done at least most of that by car and can tell you that it is clearly the prototype for Heaven. It might not take much to persuade him either (though he’s generally more of a solo kind o’ guy). He’s done that tour, by the way, and loved it enormously. I am SO looking forward to seeing you at Late-Night, you’ve been missed too! (And I’ll bring back your books….)

  3. Hey, I just emailed you about Late Night Knitting! And Dale-Harriet too! (I’m behind on blog reading too, though I’m catching up.)

    Looking promising, then!
    We’ll talk….

  4. Yes, I’ve missed you here and on my blog, too. Glad to have you back! (I was trying hard not to get all worry-warty.) My sister points out that apparently I NEED to blog; therefore, you will probably never catch up on mine…. 😦 Ha!

  5. Yes ravelry does have that effect. Sounds like you have had a very full plate. Hope the flood waters continue to recede – both real and metaphorical.

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