Dear Robert Redford,

I just wanted to thank you for the part you played in my wonderful dream last night.

Wait — it’s not the part you think it is! While I’m sure that women dream about you all the time, this dream was different. Trust me.

Last night I dreamed I was attending my high school reunion. For the record, the place in the dream was not my high school, nor were the people in my dream anyone I knew from high school. It was just one of those dream situations. (I haven’t been to any reunion since 1990, either, but as we’ve already established, that seems to be beside the point.)

At any rate, through an elaborate sequence of events I can no longer remember, your mother presented me with box after box of… sweaters.

They were her own hand knitting, these piles of fine-gauge pullovers and cardigans. There were solid colors, intarsia, everything under the rainbow. I was amazed and delighted as I lifted one sweater after another out of the boxes, and honored by her gift. She seemed very happy to give them to me, too. (Had she and I met before, in a previous and unremembered dream?) Oh, and her short golden hair was just gorgeous.

I moved a few of the boxes of sweaters to my car, vowing to come back for the rest of them later. The rest of the dream has now vanished from memory.

Alas, by the light of day my van is sadly empty. But please give my best regards to your lovely mother and my deepest appreciation of her handiwork. Even if they were only the stuff of dreams, it was wonderful to see them and to have been able to run those smooth, even stitches through my hands.

Give her a hug for me, Mr. Redford.

Love, Beth

P.S. I think my mother would like to say hi to you, too — though I suspect that if she dreams about you, it doesn’t involve your mother’s knitting.

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  1. That is hilarious!

    One wonders just what depths of the subconscious came up with that dream, but it’s great!

    Hey, I have good news hot off the press: I was supposed to work the weekend of WI Sheep & Wool, but I did some finagling and trading, and it looks like I can come! Yee-haw! Nora and friends are planning on coming, too, and I told her about the after-party, so I think a good time is in the works….

  2. Bwhahahaha!!! (SMACK!) Never leave good handknitting behind to be retrieved later! 😉

    Wishing you a dream “like that” tonight….I would like to dream about George.

  3. “though I suspect that if she dreams about you, it doesn’t involve your mother’s knitting”

    Snort! That was great!

  4. Love it!

  5. That IS strange! Now – I had a dream about a movie star once, which I described to my co-workers (I think I worked at DILHR at the time) and they laughed and laughed….*I* dreamt of Alec Guinness. And we were in a big library, and talked all night!

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