Indiana Jones 4, no spoilers

Can’t tell you anything because I didn’t get to go. The babysitter called to tell us she was getting a late start coming over, so DH changed the prebought tickets to the next showing. Then she called to say her little girl had gotten sick in the car on the way over. End of date night.

DH ended up taking eldest so the ticket money didn’t go to waste, and I stayed home with the other three kids and watched Ratatouille.

Maybe next time.

Knitting on a Debbie Bliss square right now. I have enough to finish this one and then do one more, then it’s time to crank out some more for the Doctor Who afghan.

Oh — and I may go visit Babe’s Fiber Garden this afternoon, if I can get out. I talked with the owner this morning and he also told me about a local spinning guild that meets in Whitewater. I missed the May meeting, but I might be able to hook up with them in June. This is the same group I e-mailed without success last September or so, so I’m trying to keep my expectations low. But I need to find some knitters & spinners & fiberfolk that are closer to me.

Watched the first episode of Torchwood last night and hope to knock off episode two tonight. Bring it on, Netflix!

Oh, and Michelle? I’ll get to that meme soon, I promise. Everyone else: wait to be tagged.

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  1. Oh, Bethie, NUTS!!The anticipation of a date night, foiled, is too much. Times like that I wusht I lived closer so’s I could just lash up the ol’ buggy and trot right over, armed with books and puzzles and so on. Well, I haven’t seen it either, but Lovely Daughter says “Do see it on a big screen first”….I’m thinking I may try to take in a matinee at the Cheap Old People’s Tickets showing – is it rude to knit in a movie?

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