Good news!

This is a temporary post because my “connectivity” is spotty this afternoon, but I just wanted to let everyone know the colonoscopy went OK, all is well, and everyone liked all the knitting projects I took to the hospital to work on. Hey, I only took 3 projects and I worked on all of them.

I also snagged the first podcasts of Sticks and String and Cast-On, but the third cast I got (They Might Be Giants) loaded first, so I’m listening to that first. I’ll get the hang of this technology thing someday, I swear to God I will.

And the first disc of Torchwood came in the mail today, so I hope to get started on that tonight. You Torchwood fans, zip your lips please, I’m trying to catch up.

Part II

My oh my, I have before me an illustration of why you need to go to your children’s school concerts.

Tonight was the spring Fine Arts Festival. The evening included a concert from the 5th-8th grade band, singing from everyone from PreK-3 and PreK-4’s to 8th graders, and an exhibition of K-8 artwork (drawing, painting, sculpture) in the school gym… and an ice cream social at $1 a scoop.

Everything was cute (yes, I cried), some groups were strikingly good, and the whole evening was priceless.

Especially the part where the principal came out and told the assembled parents and grandparents how well the kids did when the school was in Real Live Lockdown in the morning. Yes, not only did they have a successful lockdown practice on Monday, but this morning (it’s still Thursday as I write) someone tried to break into the school. He was caught by the police, he was unarmed, no one was hurt, all the kids did perfectly what kids these days are expected to do. In fact, almost all of them were in the church, practicing for the concert, when the incident occurred.

(This may or may not ever show up in the news. It wasn’t in the local afternoon paper today and was not on their web site tonight, and it hasn’t yet been covered in the Milwaukee paper. A Google search won’t turn it up. It might show up in tomorrow’s paper as a police log report, who knows. If no one calls the paper, it might never show up at all.)

Now perhaps I was a teensy bit preoccupied with this colonoscopy “thang” today, but I did wonder why I was finding out about this incident at the concert. After the whole thing was over, my 9-year-old sidled up to me and said, “Did [the principal] make the special announcement?” When I finally figured out he was talking about the lockdown, I did ask him why he hadn’t told me about it when he got home.

“I didn’t know if you wanted to know.” And he shrugged. Kids these days.

Anyway, by now I’ve forgotten whatever I promised to give the details of. It doesn’t seem to matter any more, really. Go hug your brave little kids for me, willya?

Knitting update: I did take knitting to the kids’ concert. I got no dirty looks (that I noticed, anyway) or interested looks as I worked on the Heelflap scarf. But I was really glad I took the knitting along when Colleen got super bored waiting for the whole thing to be over. Here, a pair of size 6 needles and a little ball of leftover Laurenspun. Go to it, girl! It kept her interested for just long enough. Thank you, knitting! I got an inch or so done on the scarf while waiting for different portions of the show to be ready.

No Torchwood tonight, I’m afraid; it’s past 11pm now and maybe it will happen Saturday.

Why Saturday? Because Mr. Chocolatesheep has arranged for a babysitter for tomorrow night. That’s right, we’re planning to take in dinner and a talkie. Might even get popcorn. Shall it be Baby Mama? Prince Caspian? or Indiana Jones on opening night?

P.S. I am so sorry about the pr0n sp@m that’s been showing up lately in the comments. Akismet must be having a bad week because I don’t know how some of that stuff is getting through. I’m deleting it as soon as I find it, I promise. This blog is not about the yuck factor.

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  1. I LOVE Torchwood. I was totally surprised at the last episode of the first season when we found out that the Queen Mum was behind all of the aliens being in Wales….Psych! Have fun!

  2. Hi friend, I just tagged you on my blog for a meme. Hope you will play so I can get to know you a bit better!

  3. Spam: yuck. Lockdown: yikes! We went to a school concert today because a friend of mine is the band director. My son was fascinated; he REALLY wants to go to school. I want to keep homeschooling him. Church school or not, this world is a scary place! (Said on the heels of the 10th anniversary of the shooting at Thurston H.S. here in Oregon….)

  4. Still wanna know how you got those cute quilt squares to show up on your comments! Lockdown=SCARY!!!! What is wrong with people!!! Oooo! We’re going to the talkies too-Indy!!!! Hope gas prices don’t go to $4! I’d miss you if you weren’t at Knit Night!

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