Podcast me!

I now have a hand-me down iPod shuffle, thanks to Mr. Chocolatesheep. My music is all on CD in the car for listening while I drive, so I thought I would start listening to some knitting podcasts.

But I don’t know where to start! I have heard of a few…but don’t know what would be to my liking.

So, what’s your favorite podcast and why? Don’t put a link in your comment, as you may end up in the Spam Bucket and it’s been icky in there lately. Just give me the name of the podcast or who does it, and I’ll follow up with you if I need more information on how this all works.

Knitting update: doing the hand decreases on Mitten One right now. Did more of a Debbie Bliss demin square. Everything else is just sitting around.

Top Chef tonight! It’s Restaurant Wars everyone!

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  1. Sticks and String by David Reidy! He’s an Australian bloke who knits. (It says so right on his website.) He’s funny and engaging, has a great radio voice, always has a very interesting essay for the show. I love listening to Sticks and String, and just realized that I have this week’s show on my iPod but haven’t listened to it yet. I am SO flaky this week. 🙂

  2. I am so hopelessly internet challenged. I haven’t ever heard a podcast. Will be interested in picking your brain at next Knit Night for ideas. Surgery scheduled for 6/16 and 6 weeks of down time will give me plenty of time to investigate!

  3. I have listened to quite a few and my top favorite is Brenda Dayne’s Cast-On. She never gets silly. Never talks about over-flowing toilets, or other non-knitting stuff. She is very professional and I could listen to her read the phone book. Her voice is very well suited to podcasting. I have most of them on my iRiver and listen to them often. Most podcasts I have listened to I would not want to listen to again, but Brenda’s are worth it.

  4. I second Cast-On by Brenda Dayne. She prepares a pretty polished podcast with indy music, some very nice essays, and overall decent knitting content. I’m currently catching up with the past year’s ‘casts since I have a bit under 2 hours a day in the auto. 😛

  5. I guess I’m late, but I like Y Knit, partially because I am friends of the podcasters.

  6. I like Cast On, Stash & Burn, and the KnitPicks one too.

    I have to be in the right mood for Lime & Violet.

    There’s a few other ones that I want to listen to, but haven’t gotten around to downloading yet. (not to mention I’m a good 2-3 months behind on the ones I DO listen to.)

  7. Hi there – this is a little late (I just stumbled on your blog by way of Ravelry), but my very favorite podcast is Craftsanity. It covers all sorts of crafts rather than just knitting, but I love the format and the host. Each episode has a lengthy interview which is done in a very conversational style. The guests are almost always very interesting to me and I often end up adding their site to my reader. I’m sure you’ve already found a number of interesting podcasts (it’s so hard to keep up with all of them!), but this one is definitely worth a listen.

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