The Summer Lineup

School is winding down here, and the summer schedules of travel, Scout camp, and pre-kindergarten school (!!!) are visible on the horizon. It’s going to take a while to figure out when & where we can go, especially with the price of gas being what it is. Maybe we will rent horses and ride to Ohio. Best not to dwell on that.

Also our TV seasons are ending — not all at the same time, of course. Our favorite BBC America shows (Top Gear, Last Restaurant Standing) have already had their season enders, Bravo (Top Chef) still has a few weeks to go, and Food Network (Next Food Network Star) is about to start. Somehow we missed most of the NBC season of Thursday night shows, but managed to catch the season finales of 30 Rock (Mexican cheese doodles, anyone?) and The Office (I said, OKAY). We’ll have to watch the full seasons their second time around, with more daylight and no school to get the kiddies to bed early when something like My Name is Earl is showing at 7pm.

I’m conveniently ignoring the other stuff like office visits, hospital procedures, baking for the pizza place, and coordinating this Sheep & Wool afterparty. Because when your husband points out that you haven’t blogged in a while, maybe it’s time to get back on track.

Last weekend DH & I went to the unsold empty house on Saturday and did some work on it. He mowed the shaggy lawn, we moved in a set of washer & dryer to give the laundry room that “laundry room” look, and I vacuumed all the carpeted rooms. The drive belt had snapped on the vac the day before, so this meant hooking up the attachment hose and doing all the work crawling around on my hands and knees. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. But at least the house got aired out & looks better. We brought back 2 sets of cross-country skis — what timing!

No meetups (too much work to do), no trip to Herrschners (I think he’s on to me), not even garlic cheeseburgers from Marvin’s (they weren’t open yet) or cannolis from Cheese Louise (they were closed already).

But I did get some knitting done. I did one and a half sock-yarn squares for the Doctor Who Afghan Project, and worked on the cuff for the second Panda Cotton sock (cast on at Late Night Knit on Friday, amid much fretting and grumbling).

And Knit Night was good, even without the traveling Dale-Harriet in attendance. Her daughter Lovely Mary was there, hiding from a sock gusset (unsuccessfully, as it turned out), Molly Bee stayed longer than usual, and I met some new (to me) knitters while sitting at the Big Table. I saw yet another knitter with a boot cast on — what is the deal, and I hope this isn’t catching!

So, here’s the project summary:

Tyrone (for Jack Tom): Still on hold, but I know where the project sheet is. In my pattern binder, of all the odd places. Yeah, I know!
Irish Hiking Scarf (for ???): Still on hold while others go first, has no priority.
Panda Cotton socks (for DH): Sock One on hold pre-heelflap; Sock Two at mid-cuff.
Acrylic tube scarf (for ???): on the verge of frogging. I am really starting to hate this thing. Will trade for fiber, please make offer!
Acrylic heelflap scarf (for ???): I’m using leftover yarn from a pastel Colleen sweater and knitting a scarf in Sl1, K1 across, Purl back. I’m only a few rows into it and it’s still curling up at the bottom, so I’ll have to do a bunch more before I can see if it looks good enough to keep.
Hufflepuff mittens (for me): Working thumb gusset on Mitten One. After some of these “exotic” fibers I’ve been working with lately, knitting with Plymouth Encore Worsted feels great!
Silk stole (for me): Snuck this one in on you, didn’t I? This was supposed to be a cotton lace washcloth. But I found a couple of balls of Shire Silk in baby blue at a new local yarn store, and cast on for a “washcloth” with size 15 needles. I haven’t done a repeat in a while, I don’t know how much yarn I’m going to need, I’ve never used silk, I’ve never done lace. I don’t care. I’ll get more yarn when I need it.
Leftovers afghan (us): I’ve started on a second five-inch square from the Debbie Bliss Denim Cotton Aran yarn. In about 35 years I will have a blanket. Or, 4 squares if I never find any more of this yarn on sale.

I had a knitting dream the other night, too. I was working with some sort of cobweb weight green lace on a really fancy project that I had completely hosed. The border didn’t go all the way around, some sections looked like entrelac squares done with a different shade of green… could almost hear the frogs croaking offstage. I was glad to wake up from that one.

What else is up for this week? Big Tom has an appointment tomorrow to be fitted (perhaps) with a mild orthotic (his left foot turns in, sometimes). There’s a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday (not mine) that could use some positive vibes. And there was a line from yesterday’s mass bulletin that caught my eye:

“Pray for the sick, for there are many.”

Lucky for us, we already know that cooking and knitting are prayer.

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  1. wow, you’re keeping busy!

    I want to know how “Russell Quant, Gay Private Investigator” could be a possibly related post.

  2. Very busy! Not that you need another show but the original Iron Chef is airing again on the Fine Living Channel. I just love the campy-ness. Best wishes to all with the medical stuff.

  3. What a good idea, listing stuff in progress &c! Believe I’ll try to do that my own self. Soon. And you are straight on, knitting and cooking ARE prayer. Lucky for those of us on both sides, I’d have to say. ALso – colonoscopy is one of those “life’s little unpleasantnesses” that you get when you grow up to take the edge of otherwise being able to do whatever you want; are you familiar, however, with the VIRTUAL colonoscopy? I’m not making it up, it’s a non-invasive one and very effective and covered by insurance (at least mine was). Might be worth looking into. Still not something I’d give anyone a gift card for, but better…for sure better.

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